A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Bryson could see Cordy’s contempt, and he scowled as he continued, “You have to understand that
your hype is only temporary, Cordy. Your past remains a mess, and people will continue to belittle you
once your hype passes. You should be pleased that I don’t hold it against you.”

“Mr. Zimmer, do you mean to say that if I start dating you, you can use your position to ensure that my
company develops unimpeded in North Cty?” Cordy asked.

Bryson grinned. “Exactly. You’re the one who gets the better end of the deal if we start dating-”

The man standing behind him finally had enough. “Mr. Zimmer.”

Bryson promptly turned to find Randy standing behind him, and his expression promptly changed- high
and mighty just a second before, he was now fawning and eager to please.

“Oh, Mr. Martin! Hello, hello!” Bryson exclaimed, extending a hand.

Everyone in Levine Ventures certainly understood that Randy was John’s personal assistant and
basically his second-in-command.

There was none who did not submit to him.

And now, Randy cast a brief glance at Bryson’s outstretched hand and ignored it.

Embarrassed, Bryson awkwardly withdrew his hand.

“I wonder since when is it up to you to decide anything in Levine Ventures, Mr. Zimmer?” Randy asked
evenly, but his question was clearly derisive.

Bryson panicked right then and quickly tried to explain, “Oh, it’s just a misunderstanding, Mr. Martin. I-I
was just…you see, this woman here was arranged to marry me, and she was trying to ask my help with
her private business. Of course I wouldn’t abuse my position for a woman, so I had to intimidate her a

Randy raised a brow. “Are you sure she wants your help?”

“Oh, they all do. Women always try to cut corners with their pretty faces-”

“Bryson Zimmer-she isn’t someone you get to insult,” Randy growled coolly, cutting Bryson short.

Bryson was left in disbelief but quickly said, “Oh, Mr. Martin. She’s no angel, and you know how
complicated the personal lives of certain people can get. You really shouldn’t be bewitched by her looks

“I certainly wouldn’t dare,” Randy said bluntly.

Bryson was left further confused.

“Check in with Finance tomorrow to receive any outstanding wages you’re due,” Randy said, not
interested in wasting his time on a trivial man like Bryson. “You’re hence dismissed from Levine

“What?!” Bryson thought he was hearing things and turned agitated in the next instant as he
demanded, “You’re just John Levine’s assistant! You have no right to fire anyone!”

“You’re right-I don’t,” Randy replied. “But you’re fired nonetheless.”

“What are you talking about?!” Bryson screamed.

“You can figure that out on your own, Randy said coolly and beckoned to the security guards standing
nearby. “Get him out of here.”

In a split second, the burly, imposing security guards were standing menacingly in front of Bryson,
forcing him to leave while cutting a miserable figure

It was only after he was walked out of the banquet hall that he came to a realization.

Was Randy actually saying that John fired him?

And that Cordy was John’s woman?!

His legs turned to jelly the instant he realized that!

Back at the banquet hall, Randy was apologizing. “Ms. Sachs, I hope your mood wasn’t soured by such
a trivial person from our company.”


Cordy smiled, more or less understanding why John always kept Randy around.

The way he used trivial was such a stark contrast from Bryson’s smug attitude!

It certainly won her over

Her gaze then shifted to the second floor, where a familiar figure was smiling tenderly as he leaned
against the handrail before turning to leave.

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