A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 201

Chapter 201

Cordy and John ultimately boarded their flight back to North City, arriving at 3 PM North City time.

Since neither of them slept well last night, they were slumbering on the private jet all the way home,
and they were spirited once they disembarked.

John’s black Maybach was already waiting by the plane after their flight touched down with Randy
standing beside it, receiving them respectfully.

Opening the door for them, he said, “Welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Levine.”

Mrs. Levine…

Cordy’s cheeks turned red but she followed John into the car anyway.

Randy rode shotgun and began to list John’s schedule for the day, “Sir, since we’ve postponed three
dinners for your seven-day trip, I’ve arranged them for later tomorrow night and on the two following
nights respectively per your instructions.”

“Good,” John replied.

*Also, we’ll be seeing many important guests during the Levine Ventures anniversary banquet tonight.
Your grandfather specifically asked me to remind you to be there on time. A tailored suit is already
waiting and you can get changed right now,” Randy continued, before adding, “Mrs. Levine’s gown has
also been prepared per your request.”

Cordy was taken aback. “I’m going too?”

“Of course,” John replied. “As the future Mrs. Levine, it’s natural for you to check things out.

Cordy felt a little embarrassed just then-Randy was right there with them!

“Mrs. Levine,” Randy continued respectfully, “I’ve set up a meeting to discuss Starstream Fashion’s
partnership with North City Channel at 10 AM tomorrow. They have agreed upon most of the details,
and here is a copy of the agreement. If there are no issues for you, you may meet them at their offices
tomorrow to sign it.”

Cordy was actually surprised as Randy actually pulled out the agreement and handed it to her.

Even though she was gone for a week, progress at work was not delayed at all.

As she read through the agreement, she could not help asking, “How much does your boss pay you
each month, Randy?”

Before Randy said a word, John told her, “You probably can’t afford to poach him.”

Cordy shot him a glare-he was really conceited!

“The only way to get Randy to work for you is by marrying me,” John then added. “That way, everything
of mine is yours.”

He really never passed up an opportunity to flirt, did he?!

They headed to the luxury goods outlet at a mall.

John had his hair styled before changing into his tailored suit, and he left right after-it was obvious how
busy he was.

And yet, he would make time to take Cordy on a trip abroad, and she naturally felt warmth in her heart
at the thought.

After that, she changed into the gown John ordered for her-as usual, he knew what suited her and
every dress he picked for her was breathtaking.

After over three hours of applying cosmetics, hairstyling, and the like, she got into Walter’s car and
headed to the banquet hall where Levine Ventures celebrated their 60th anniversary.

Alan Levine’s 70th birthday had been a stunning event for North City, and the 60th anniversary
celebration was only naturally going to be even better.

While they did invite their business partners last time as well, it was just Alan’s birthday and therefore
considerably conservative. The anniversary celebration was in contrast held with all due pomp and
circumstance, and Cordy felt a little uneasy as she set foot inside the imposing three- floored banquet

There were even more people this time, and she actually wondered for a moment if everyone involved
in North City’s trade and commerce were gathered there.

As she entered the hall, everyone already had a glass in their hand and was holding pleasant

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