A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 199

Chapter 199

It was a night of beauty, comfort, and tenderness.

Two silhouettes embraced each other in the night as they kissed

Even James needed a long time to recover

For a long while, he allowed Cordy to brush her lips and tongue against his, nervously and clearly
without experience

He gulped, slowly raising his long, large hands to gather her dainty, warm body firmly into his embrace

He then leaned downward and kissed her even more fiercely.

At that very moment, everything else seemed to turn dull. In mind and body, there was only the two of
them as they melted deeply into each other.

Cordy’s knees then started to cave, actually going weak from John’s kiss

His strong arms promptly picked her up and off the beach as if she were just a child, and while she was
still startled, he put her whole body on the dining table

He then leaned in for another kiss, denying her any chance to breathe, assaulting her lips persistently
and tirelessly.

The night seemed to turn darker just then, even as John swiped everything else off the table as he
pressed her soft, petite body flat on her back over her table. The breathtaking woman was the only
thing on the broad table now, and everything from her devilish figure to her cheeks that were thoroughly
blushing after kissing was elements of fatal attraction

Desire flared in John’s eyes, bursting into a fearsome conflagration that threatened to consume her…

All it takes is a spark to get things going between adults, and Cordy was definitely nervous and was in
turn hyperventilating while her chest was heaving.

That moment only left John even more bewitched, and he thought to himself that she really had no idea
the temptation she put a man under with that look!

And how hard was it to repress that fatal impulse.

John started to lean toward her gradually, inch by inch.

Cordy pursed her lips because she could feel his raging desire.

She could not help clenching her knuckles, and she suddenly remembered the nightmare she
experienced when she was eighteen.

There was a flash of panic in her eyes but just as John reached her, she chose to close her eyes.

Her knuckles were clenched even tighter, but she showed no inclination to push him away.

As if she accepted him.

Or was trying to…..

Be that as it may, a long while passed

What she expected somehow did not happen, and the pressure on top of her faded

When she opened her eyes again, she saw that John had already jumped into the ocean.

His tall figure showed no hesitation as he dove into the waters without hesitation, splashing and kicking
up a violent wave

Once in the water, he started to swim in circles as if crazed

Naturally he was forcing himself to calm down completely

Watching him, Cordy could not help feeling a quiver in her chest

She had no idea what would become of their relationship if they really did it

Maybe she would accept it-or force herself to accept it-and tell herself endlessly that John was the man
she was meant to spend the rest of her life with

Even so, when she saw John earnestly repress his desire for her sake, she heaved a great sigh of


She actually was not as brave or as fearless as she thought because she had never really escaped her
trauma, let alone open her heart to accept a relationship She was therefore uncertain if she would not
regret it if she did it with John, but she knew for sure that her mind would be burdened

Be that as it may, John did not force her to accept it

As for the days abroad she spent with Kyle, even if he did respect her they never did go this far or lost
control like this. He was a young man who abstained and although there was genuine sentiment in their
relationship, it was constrained by strict mores. They were never intimate, and once they returned to
Zidonia, it was no longer possible with Noel getting involved

Getting off the dining table just then, Cordy walked to the ocean

John has been in there for so long she was worried he would drown.

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