A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 195

Chapter 195

It was night by the time they returned to the villa, and Cordy was so exhausted she did not want to


And yet, as soon as morning arrived the next day, John dragged her out of bed again and took her to
the helicopter.

At first, things were calm and relaxing since the helicopter was just taking them on a tour around the
entire island.

That was until John brought out the parachute.

Was she allowed to refuse?!

“We’re jumping together. I’ll be holding onto you,” John told her.

That was not the point! She had a fear of heights!

Nonetheless, John strapped her to himself with a harness and walked her to the helicopter door.

“John…” she muttered.


Cordy closed her eyes as she gave in. “If I die, I’ll return as a vengeful spirit that haunts your dreams.”

“Exactly what I had in mind too.” John heaved into her ear with his magnetic voice, and they both
jumped out of the helicopter.

Cordy still kept her eyes closed, and all she felt was the wind billowing against her ear, the abrupt
shock of weightlessness almost killing her right then.

“Open your eyes, Ms. Sachs!” John yelled.


“Be a good girl now!”


“Or I’m going to kiss you!”

Cordy gritted her teeth-she really could not fight back every time John threatened her!

Still, when she opened her eyes, she was greeted by the endless blue sky and cotton-like white


“Look down,” John prompted her.

As she did so, she saw the boundless azure waters and the beautiful island with its curious


Greeted by the breathtaking beauty of mother nature, Cordy forgot all her fears right then, and it was
somehow a comfort that left her spirit mending.

John popped the parachute just then, slowing their descent while Cordy gradually relaxed.

She finally released her fingers that had been clenching on John’s clothes and spread her arms,
allowing her to float amid the vast skies, reveling in the exhilaration of being free.

“Extreme sports help alleviate stress considerably,” John told her. “I used to do this a lot myself.”

Cordy turned toward him. “Are you under a lot of stress?”

“It’s not easy being the successor of Levine Ventures.” He smiled.


Cordy nodded and did not offer a retort while he continued, “My grandfather got sick the year my
parents died, overwhelmed by the grief of having to bury his children. Neither my aunt nor my uncle
could rein in Levine Ventures, while Jay was forbidden from working.”

“That is why the pressure of maintaining our dynasty suddenly came crashing on me, a youth who had
just turned twenty that year. Not only did I have to withstand the pain of losing my parents, but I also
had to lead Levine Ventures and keep things together in the company. And whenever the stress got too
much, I’d leave for a while for these extreme sports. I’m a walking testimony to its effectiveness.”

So that was why he brought her here for this-to let her forget about all those unpleasant matters and
completely relax.

It was not just because he was that playful.

Cordy’s heart was racing then-she really could not help feeling overwhelmed by how nice John had
been to her.

They went shopping on the fifth day of their trip.

There were multiple malls selling luxury items, and one of the malls housed the largest outlet for all
kinds of luxury brands.

In contrast to extreme sports, Cordy was convinced that she had the advantage in shopping, only for
her to realize she had underestimated John once again.

She never thought that he could be extravagant beyond her imagination!

In every outlet they entered, he would flash his credit card and ask the attendant to pack anything she
gave a passing glance at without asking about the price or whether she actually liked it!

“I haven’t said a word!” Cordy protested.

“I like it, and that’s enough,” John replied.

“Aren’t you afraid of going bankrupt?” she asked pointedly.

“Don’t underestimate your boyfriend’s purchasing power,” John said solemnly. “And this is just spare
change. You have nothing to worry about, Ms. Sachs.”

“What isn’t spare change then, by your definition?!” she huffed-buying the entire mall?

“Well…” John thought about it and said, “When you sign our marriage certificate.”

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