A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 194

Chapter 194

Be that as it may, Cordy realized what the ‘fun’ John meant was all about on the third day of their trip.

It was very early in the morning when he scooped her out of bed even before she woke up.

He then carried her to a luxurious yacht and set sail further out to the ocean.

When she was finally wide awake, they were already in the middle of nowhere, the yacht gently.
floating against the swell of the waters.

“Here, put on some sunscreen,” John said as he got down from the deck.

“It’s fine,” Cordy replied, still lying on a beach chair. “I’m staying here… Oh!”

Cordy pursed her lips as John held her firmly against her seat, his long fingers applying sunscreen over
her back and spreading it evenly.

He was covering every nook and cranny, and she would doubt anyone who told her he did not have

She wanted to refuse him a couple times but since resistance was futile, she should just save her
strength and lie down to enjoy it.

“Shall I do the front too?” John asked.

“Nope!” she snapped and snatched the tube of sunscreen to do it herself.

John chuckled and took out another to apply over himself.

Then, obviously noticing that Cordy was done, he asked, “Ms. Sachs? Could you return the favor and
help me with my sunscreen too?”

Cordy pursed her lips as she took the tube and started to apply it furiously all over him…

Still, she suddenly slowed down as she noticed that his skin was a healthy wheat color, neither too pale
nor too tanned.

And like the front, the outline of his muscles were very pronounced, and Cordy could feel the firmness
of his skin and the perkiness of his muscles.

“How does it feel to the touch?” John asked, as if sensing her thoughts.

She had already been nervous and almost had a heart attack when he suddenly spoke.

Still, she only grunted noncommittally. “Hmm.”

But despite her lack of comment, John said, “You too.”

Cordy was speechless.

She did not ask how her skin felt, and no one asked for his opinion!

Nonetheless, they eventually were done applying their sunscreen, and John asked, “Do you know

how to ride a jet ski?”

“No,” Cordy replied.

“Really?” John asked, clearly wary toward her after she tricked him about being an average


“No, I really don’t,” Cordy replied. “It’s my first time coming to sea since I’ve become an adult.”

John did a double take and gave her a sympathetic pat on the head. “I’ll bring you out more often from
now on.”

Cordy was speechless.

She certainly did not want to have too much fun since it would leave her demotivated!

Eventually, she rode a jet ski with John, whooping and enjoying the pure excitement as it streaked
through the surface of the ocean.

She had no idea how long it had been since she had genuinely let loose like this. Her life had certainly
been a taxing one.


“Want to try surfing?”


“I can teach you.”

After that…

“Want to try scuba diving?”


“It’s alright. I’ll be at your side, watching.”

And when they were done scuba diving…

“Would you like-”

“Nope! Absolutely not!”

“A drink?” John finished, holding a bottle of vitamin drink at her.

Cordy pursed her lips, feeling guilty as she realized she misunderstood him.

That was when he said, “Anyway, we’re skydiving from a helicopter tomorrow.” Cordy was speechless
and wondered right then why she bothered feeling guilty at all.

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