A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 193

Chapter 193

Fiery passion?!

To think John had the cheek to say that!

And who on earth packed that bikini in her luggage anyway?

In fact, that was the only thing she found after she searched the whole closet!

Cordy still clearly remembered that Zoe was the one who gave it to her, saying that it was a gift from a
sponsor after some sort of event However, Zoe insisted that she could not wear something so risque as
a public figure or the paparazzi would try to spice things up if they got a photo

Still, Zoe insisted that it was beautiful and should not be left to gather dust, and she gave it to Cordy,
saying that Cordy would definitely look good with her amazing figure.

Cordy did not want to turn down Zoe’s enthusiasm, but she had no plans to wear it even after accepting

And John had to put this in her luggage so that she only had it for swimwear!

“Did you tell Winston to pack my luggage?” she asked in annoyance

“Does Winston have such a keen eye for beauty?” John asked in return, clearly smug.

He kept smiling even as she glared at him, and he asked, “You know how to swim, don’t you? Shall we
have a race?”

“I refuse.” Cordy said bluntly-she was not foolish enough to play his game.

“I give you a half-lap handicap,” John said. “Whoever finishes first gets a wish from the other person.”

Cordy studied the length of the pool right then.

Half a lap? John was really full of himself!

Pretending as if she had no choice, she said, “No takesies backsies?”

“Of course not,” he replied.

“Any wish?”

“Of course,” John said confidently.

“Fine,” Cordy answered, as if begrudgingly.

With that, they both moved over to one end of the pool.

“Alright, I’ll start first. You only get to start when you reach the halfway line,” Cordy said, just to

confirm again.

“Sure,” John replied.

And with those words, Cordy leaped into the pool and started with a simple breaststroke.

She was quite slow, and John’s smile was obvious.

When Cordy swam halfway, he was still stretching his limbs before his long figure vaulted lightly,
darting a considerable distance ahead before giving chase with freestyle.

He was almost at the other end when he looked up to find her, but she was already standing there and
waiting for him, appearing to be catching her breath as well.

John was certainly surprised-she could not have arrived at the other end quicker than he would with
that breaststroke. Unless…

Quickly swimming up to her, he said, “You’re really full of surprises, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy shrugged. “I just forgot to tell you that I’d be a second-tier national athlete in swimming if my
father hadn’t sent me abroad.”

While John pursed his lips, she beamed. “All’s fair in war!”

And with that, she suddenly vaulted elegantly back into the pool, speeding off.

“Ingrate,” John muttered with a tender smile and gave chase.

They played around a little more in the pool before having breakfast together.

Taking a bite of his toast, John said, “You won, Ms. Sachs. As we agreed, I shall grant you your wish.”

Cordy was taken aback-she actually had not thought about getting anything from John, since she was
now accustomed to striving for everything on her own.

Nonetheless, she suddenly said, “Don’t ever lie to me.”

As John held her gaze, she spoke very clearly. “You can give it to me straight-whatever it is, even if you
fall out of love with me. Just don’t lie to me, whenever, wherever.”

If Kyle had told her immediately after he fell for Noel, things would not have turned out this bad

between them.

Likewise, she would not have been wounded so thoroughly, and she absolutely did not want a

repeat of that!

John gulped and said, “Okay.”

Not noticing that John was holding back his emotions just then, Cordy then asked, “So? What other
arrangements do we have for the day?”

“Nothing,” John replied.

Cordy frowned-was his plan for this trip just sleeping and playing with their phones in another


Quite the ‘zoomer’ trip this was…

Still, John flashed a sly smile right then. “There’s no hurry, Ms. Sachs. Just rest for another day. since
I’m worried your body would be overwhelmed by the fun that is to come.”

Cordy remained skeptical.


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