A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 191

Chapter 191

John was as surprised, though Cordy must admit that she was too.

“I don’t know why she asked me to do that Maybe it’s because she was worried I’ll attract too much
attention and draw problems to myself. However

Cordy paused, working hard to remember her mother’s appearance before she continued,” However,
my mother wasn’t the type who took things lying down That’s why I don’t know why she asked that of
me, and it’s a shame that she’s no longer around and I’ll never have answers. Even so, she was the
only one in this world I trust and who genuinely cared about me. That’s why I’ll always keep her words
in my heart.”

John was silent, and Cordy thought he was probably wondering why her mother would ask that of her

Why hide when Cordy was one of the best fashion designers out there?

“If Mandy didn’t try to frame me, I would have kept hiding my identity as Lovely,” Cordy then murmured,
ultimately slightly disappointed that she could not fulfill her late mother’s wish.

John could naturally sense that she was feeling emotional, and he assured her, “Actually, many of the
regrets in life can somehow turn out to be the best arrangements one could ask for. It’s possible that
your mother was showing foresight and wanted to save you from bullying, or perhaps she had regrets
and was trying to make new arrangements for your destiny. That’s how it led to you revealing your
identity under those circumstances.”

Cordy stared at John just then.

While she suspected him of being glib, she had to admit that his words did reassure her.

“Maybe “Cordy smiled faintly, and she was actually relieved right then.

After all, her mother had once told her that she must never struggle against adversity. If there was
something she could not stop, she just had to accept it with open arms.

“Actually, there’s also something you said that I don’t agree with, Ms. Sachs,” John said, changing. the
subject right then.

“What?” Cordy was at a loss-what did she say that could have upsetted him?

“That your mother is the only one who cares about you,” John said very seriously. “I care too.”

Cordy pursed her lips.

He really could not stop conveying his affection every waking moment.

“That’s why you should immediately inform me of whatever trouble you face in the future,” John
continued, still looking serious. “Your mother asked me in a dream to love you in her stead.”

Cordy smiled, since it was both amusing and touching.

She certainly knew that he was being ridiculous. How could he dream when he slept?

And yet, she felt warmth from his words.

After all, who would not yearn for a safe harbor, a shelter that shielded them from the storm?

“Give me time, John,” she said.

She had gone through too much and became a coward who had no confidence.

But she could change that with time and gradually regain her early self

“Of course.” John agreed to it immediately, standing up and walking to her right then, and he allowed
her to rest her head against his abdomen, as if to give her something to lean on.

It was a gesture that seemed to tell her that he would always stay at her side, and that he would never
give up on her.

The room was suddenly silent but also warm.

“It’s late. Shouldn’t you be in bed, Ms. Sachs?”

Cordy flinched at his words, her whole body stiffening.

She was defenseless since she was reveling in the tenderness John offered, only for him to land a
direct gut punch!

John smiled at her reaction-she was just like a gentle kitten that suddenly started bristling.

A little annoyed but amused, he said solemnly, “Don’t get so paranoid, Ms Sachs. I understand. that my
good looks make me vulnerable to the criminal element. I won’t force anything to happen without
proper status or consent.”

Cordy looked up at him right then-it was as if he was the victim there!

John then continued, “Of course, since you’re aware that I’m harmless and powerless, if you insist on
forcing yourself on me…”

As he leveled her a meaningful look while she was still leaning on him, she quickly pulled away,


“I won’t be able to resist.” John finished with a smile and turned to leave.

He paused after a few paces, saying, “For your information, Ms. Sachs, your room is on the second
floor while mine’s on the first. Also, it was the hotel attendants who changed your clothes earlier, so
please excuse my innocence.”

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