A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 186

Chapter 186

The ocean was right outside the window, and its waves were splashing over it.

If Cordy’s hunch was right, the building they were staying in was built right above the ocean.

After she and John took their seats, gourmet dishes were served one after the other.

They were also each given a glass of bright red wine, and the sight of all the expensive food definitely
made Cordy hungry.

“Eat,” John said mildly.

Cordy certainly did not hold back, and she picked up her fork to start eating.

Perhaps famished, they both kept their heads down and ate for over half an hour until they felt a little
full. Cordy then asked, “How long will we be staying here?”


John responded with another question. “How many days would you like to spend here, Ms. Sachs?


“Would anything I say mean a thing?” Cordy grumbled.

John could not help chuckling and commented, “You’re getting smarter, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy was left speechless while he said, “Probably a week.”


Cordy frowned.

“What if you can’t bear to leave?” John joked.

“I haven’t made any arrangements for my absence from work, and North City Channel will be
commencing their partnership with Starstream Fashion after I won Solo Show. Who will handle the
negotiations in my absence?” Cordy said, a little irritated as she spoke.

“Randy will handle it,” John said, as if it was only natural. “Don’t worry.”

Cordy was left staring at him while he continued bluntly, “All you have to do now is enjoy yourself for a

Cordy decided that she stood no chance of negotiating anything at that point.

After dinner, she went over the couch and started fiddling with her phone.

She was no longer drowsy after sleeping for a day.

She then noticed several missed calls from Zoe, but just as she was about to call Zoe back, John
suddenly said, “I’ve spoken to Zoe-you can ignore her calls.”

It was as if he could read her like a book and without looking at her phone screen either.

Still, Cordy ignored him and called Zoe anyway.

Zoe had just finished filming one scene and was preparing for another when she saw Cordy’s call.

She quickly answered, “Hey, so you two are finally getting out of bed?”

While Cordy was left speechless, Zoe quickly corrected herself. “Ahem. I mean, waking up.”

“It was a long flight, and there’s a time difference,” Cordy explained. “That’s why I slept a little longer.”

“I get it.” Zoe giggled. “We’re all adults. I get it.”

Cordy had this feeling that Zoe did not.

Zoe then asked, “When are you coming back?”

“John said in a week.”

“A week? But that’s Levine Ventures’ anniversary…” Zoe murmured.

“What was that?” Cordy missed what Zoe said.

“Nothing.” Zoe was just musing that John was really using every second he had, just so he could spend
some time alone with Cordy. “Don’t worry, just enjoy yourself-I’ll keep an eye on your house in the

“Okay,” Cordy replied before asking slowly, “Are you fine staying by yourself, Zoe?”

In fact, she did not just return Zoe’s call for the sake of just doing it-what Jay did to protect Mandy was
no different from a lethal blow to Zoe.

“Of course I’m fine,” Zoe replied nonchalantly. “John wasn’t lying when he said I ran away from home at
eighteen to kickstart a career in showbiz. You have nothing to worry about-just enjoy yourself, I can
take care of myself.”

Cordy had more to say but she decided against it.

Sometimes, people were simply unwilling to mention the past, not because of embarrassment but
because it hurt too much-tearing open old wounds, causing blood to come gushing out.

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