A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 183

Chapter 183

Zoe got into her MPV and left the film set.

They had just recorded a rather emotional night scene, and she was still too engrossed in her

She was starting to come to her senses, and she reclined against the chair and closed her eyes to


Linda, her manager, was beside her and chatting with her assistant, Penny.

“Did you catch Solo Show’s final round, Linda? Penny asked.

“I did watch a little on my way to the film set,” Linda replied.

“Me too, but that showdown between Cordy and Noel was so dramatic!” Penny exclaimed earnestly.
“There are more plot twists than a drama series, and there’s a ton of articles on the

news now. It’s even more exciting than a period drama!”

Zoe blinked.

She almost forgot that it was the final round of Cordy’s competition today-she was too busy with filming
that she did not have time to keep up.

Opening her eyes, Zoe asked, “Did Cordy win?”

“Yes, and it was magnificent. I worship her now!” Penny exclaimed excitedly, but she quickly. added,
“Although you’ll always be my number one, Zoe!”

What a sycophant.

Still, Zoe was in a good mood since Cordy won.

If Noel did, who knew what that b*tch would do to rub it in!

Penny then continued excitedly. “You probably don’t have time to check the news, Zoe, but Mandy.
Jessop tried to frame Cordy during the competition tonight. Still, Cordy exposed her right then. and
there, and you have no idea how pleasing it was to watch! That slap in the face was magnificent!”

“Really?” Zoe naturally gossiped too, and she sat up in excitement at Penny’s words.

Zoe was exhausted but she could not resist picking up her phone to check the news, and she
immediately found several articles narrating the competition up in the trending section.

It only got more delightful the more she read, and she certainly had to give it to Cordy.

Nothing less could be expected from the woman her brother fell for. Even Zoe herself wanted to
worship Cordy at her feet!

That was when another new article popped up.

[Knight in Shining Armor: Jay Parker rescues girlfriend Mandy Jessop amid scandal!]

Zoe’s fingers flinched for a split second but she eventually tapped on it.

There was a ton of text, and Zoe skimmed through it without paying much attention

Her attention was on the eye catching photos, where an imposing Jay was cutting a path through the
crowd, shielding a bawling Mandy beneath him and leading her to his car

Zoe scrolled down to read the comments

I don’t like Mandy and don’t think she deserves Jay, but the man is simply amazing Love him!]

I envy her so much for having a boyfriend like Jay. When could I get a man so handsome and so

I don’t think they make a good couple, but I do feel true love in the way Jay shielded Mandy True love
is pure and innocent, and they have my blessing |

Tm speechless Penny growled, probably having seen the article just now as well

At the same time, Zoe blinked, and a tear trickled from the corner of her eye.

She wiped it off ever so subtly, tapped out of the article, and reclined in her seat again, closing her eyes
to rest

Meanwhile, Penny was still ranting, “How much does that man love Mandy? He’s ruining his own
reputation for her, but he has to know that anyone who sticks with her now is going to be affected!

Linda glanced at Zoe just then, and despite seeing her looking uninterested, she gave Penny a look to
stop her

Penny quickly understood Jay did have history with Zoe. Even if they never went public, no one was
convinced that they were completely unrelated, since things got weird whenever they appeared

However, Jay had chosen Mandy, and the rest of them could only feign ignorance.

And though Linda and Penny kept quiet, they were both indignant for Zoe’s sake.

Zoe was obviously a hundred times better than Mandy!

Could it be family influence? Was that why Zoe lost?

Men are so materialistic!

Zoe returned to Cordy’s home

If there was one thing Zoe was upset about, it was making acquaintance with Cordy this late.

She really loved staying at Cordy’s home, and she presumed that Cordy would have returned. home by
now, only for the apartment to be empty.

Where did Cordy go?!

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