A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 182

Chapter 182

Cordy was at once caught off guard and flustered but she eventually reached out and put her hand in
John’s palm.

His perfect lips curled upward into a smile, and he led her out from the crowd.

Everyone could only watch as they left.

Cordy was still dressed with that divine diamond blue gown. As she stood beside that man with a
perfect figure, they looked like something straight out of a chick flick depicting a rich man’s wife being
caught by her husband and taken home after trying to run away, although the only difference was that
this was reality.

It was a breathtakingly beautiful sight. The journalists’ camera flashes captured them endlessly, and
they were still unsatisfied even as the helicopter flew off!

In the helicopter, Cordy looked out of the window as the ground became ever distant.

She really wanted to tell John that he did not have to go through such lengths to take her away.

He could just do it like Jay-with a car!

Heaven knows how much press coverage that commotion would get.

Even so, she could not deny that she felt buoyed, her heart racing just then.

“Congratulations, Ms. Sachs,” John said, his magnetic voice ringing beside her ear just then.

Cordy turned to look at his handsome face, which was honestly a little irresistible.

As she blinked, she suddenly saw the bouquet of flowers before her.

He really knew how to surprise her.

Taking it, she smiled. Thank you.

“Mr. Levine himself wrapped it. It took him the whole morning,” Randy chimed in from behind.

Cordy was actually startled that there was someone behind.

She glanced at the bright, beautiful red roses before her and then at John, who was even more

attractive than the rose.

Suddenly she leaned in and planted a kiss on his cheek.

John’s whole body stiffened while Cordy regretted it soon after–he stared straight at her, leaving her
utterly uncomfortable.

She then remembered Randy was behind John too… But she just felt that mysterious impulse just
then, and she could not help kissing him.

As she bit her lip in silence, it took John considerable difficulty to speak too.

He gulped and asked coolly, “Randy, have you taken parachuting lessons?”

Randy was speechless.

If he could, he would grow a pair of wings and fly away right then!

Thankfully, the helicopter soon landed on a private airport, and Cordy frowned as she stared


“Are you going somewhere?” she asked, believing that John was going on a business trip again.

“Not me-we,” John answered sharply. “We’re going to the Ayro Islands.”

Cordy was left at a loss for words.

And here she was wondering why he would suddenly bring a helicopter.

It turned out that he was just planning ahead.

“Ms. Sachs, you told me that you would make time for me after three months. You’re not reneging. are

But even if she wanted to break her promise, he would just tie her up and bring her aboard the


“I didn’t bring my luggage,” she said, in a last ditch effort to escape.

“I’ve packed it for you along with your passport,” he added.

So, it did not matter what she said!

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