A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 181

Chapter 181

Noel was surprised that Jay would help Mandy escape

She knew that they were not particularly close and that they had never gone out on a date even after
they announced that they were in a relationship

And yet, when Mandy was desperate, he came to her rescue without a care how he would look He was
no different from Prince Charming, riding in on a white horse to his beloved’s rescue!

Any woman would be envious and hope for such a boyfriend

Noel felt slightly jealous too, since Kyle had not shown up at all

Thankfully, she only lost this competition-her reputation did not suffer a blow

And seeing that Mandy had left, she could win the journalists’ sympathy However, just as she was
about to speak, the journalists left her immediately Noel could only watch as they headed straight for
Cordy like moths to flame. She gritted her teeth and left reluctantly.

“Ms. Sachs, do you have anything to say about being framed? Don’t you think it’s unacceptable?”

“Don’t you feel disappointed? Mandy is your ex boyfriend’s younger sister and this is the way she treats

“Ms. Sachs, why did you hide your identity as Lovely? Is there any special reason?”

“What do you think about Noel’s design?!”

Despite the journalists’ agitated state, Cordy calmly replied, “I think I’m not the one hurting from this,
since there’s no skin off my back after the truth is revealed. As for disappointment? I think. there are

those who are more disappointed than I am.”

Naturally, she was referring to Mandy.

After being betrayed by her ‘sister, Mandy would probably want to murder Noell

“I have personal reasons to hide my identity as Lovely, so I can’t tell you. Please understand,” Cordy
said and started to leave.

She did not want to stay tangled with the journalists but they relentlessly cut off her escape.

“Ms. Sachs, don’t you think Kyle may be connected to Mandy’s actions?”

“He repeatedly tried to sabotage you despite your past relationship with him. Don’t you have anything
to tell him?”

“I heard you gave up on an opportunity to further your studies abroad back then: Do you think it’s worth
it now?”

Fatigue showed on Cordy’s face just then.

It was already late and she had been overworking herself for the sake of taking part in this competition.
All she wanted was for the competition to end and to get some proper sleep.

“Kyle and I have broken up, and there’s nothing between us at all. If he wants to lie and deceive, it
would be his own fault and that has nothing to do with me.” Cordy mustered herself in reply, before
saying, “Please make way. It’s late, and I would like to sleep soon.”

“Ms. Sachs-”

The journalists continued to badger her until a helicopter suddenly descended from overhead, kicking a
fearsome gust while its rotors bellowed.

Everyone turned toward it as it steadily landed, and the door opened.

A man in a black suit alighted, his upright figure noble and elegant.

The presence he seemed to carry inspired fear and awe, though his face was concealed by a black
umbrella that really looked expensive.

However, his mere presence and towering frame made it clear that he would be exceedingly handsome
and that he was someone special.

Soon, he strode toward the crowd of journalists, his bodyguards following him closely.

The six bodyguards with him were all towering and imposing as well, and their intimidating presence
kept everyone present in line with fear, in case they might offend some big shot.

And with his bodyguards clearing a path, the man easily walked up to Cordy and held out his hand
before her

His hand was long, his skin was fair, and his fingers were chiseled. With that expensive watch on his
wrist that was worth a king s ransom, every inch and every move projected indescribable nobility.

Cordy certainly knew who it was she just did not think that John would personally come to get.


And he seemed to show up every time she was in trouble and needed help!

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