A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 179

Chapter 179

Everyone in the entire studio seemed to stop breathing at that very moment, as if breathing too loudly
would shatter the magnificence before them.

After all, no godlier masterpiece embodied the grace of the woman standing on stage.

Even without her marvelous beauty and bewitching figure, her blue diamond gown left the entire studio
in awe.

Did the noble elegance of the dress complement her beauty or was it the other way around?

No one could tell!

All they knew was that the woman and the gown were one, and together, it was indescribably beautiful.

The live comments went crazy once more.

[It’s so beautiful I can’t breathe!]

[Cordy’s so gorgeous! Why isn’t she in showbiz? I want her to star in films and drama series so that I
can see her every day to ease my sore eyes!]

[Weld that gown to her already!]

The WhatsApp group John was in was getting excited too, with Bob sending over a dozen excited

[I think I can’t see it twice or I’ll get funny ideas. @johnlevine]

[Johnny, you really should keep her devilish beauty out of sight or there’d be trouble. @johnlevine] [Just
remembered Kyle again. It’s hilarious! Jay, remember to ask your brother-in-law when you see him-
how’d he get so blind? @jayparker]

Bob’s contempt could be felt all the way behind a screen!

Back at the studio, the audience eventually came to their senses following the initial shock, and they
were soon cheering thunderously, in awe of Cordy and the gown she wore.

Beside her, Noel’s smile was warped-not only did she fail to destroy Cordy’s reputation, but she had
once again allowed Cordy to steal the limelight!

She could even imagine how popular Cordy would soon become while she would be mocked endlessly.

Ever since they were children, she could never accept that Cordy was better than her.

Whenever Cordy outshone her in any way, she would definitely destroy it.

They were eighteen when Cordy made it into a prestigious university, while Noel only ended up in
some second-rate college. That was why Noel drugged Cordy and left the latter in the bed of some
stranger to stage a scandal, but somehow that arrangement fell through-the stranger Noel

arranged did not sleep with Cordy and Noel did not get the video she wanted.

However, someone up there must be watching out for Noel as Cordy got pregnant, and Noel just had to
leak news that Cordy visited the hospital to get an abortion to leave Cordy’s reputation in pieces. The
ensuing scandal was so terrible that the university exposed Cordy, after which Cordy’s baby ended up
a stillborn and she was sent abroad by their family.

Noel could not begin to describe how great that felt, which was why she never imagined that Cordy
would make such a grand return, even pushing her to such desperate straits!

But there was no denying it now-Cordy’s design was acknowledged by everyone and was the outright
winner, soundly defeating Noel and then some and leaving her in the dirt.

As Cordy took the winner’s trophy once more, everyone eagerly awaited her acceptance speech.

She remained calm, as she had been from the start.

Be it when she received her appraisal, when she was being framed, or accepting everyone’s praise like
now, she was perfectly at ease-as if it was all a simple matter for her.

“First and foremost,” she said, “I must thank everyone for their support, as well as the judges and the
production crew who allowed me to clear my name, so that I can claim this trophy righteously and
legitimately. It is as much a pleasure and an honor for me, so thank you again!”

With those words, she bowed-showing grace, earnestness, and clearly not making an attempt to incite
the crowd.

The studio applauded her deafeningly.

“Last but not least, I must also say to certain individuals,” Cordy added loudly and clearly, “there is no
wicked deed that would not go unpunished!”

Beside her, Noel and Mandy could clearly feel that they were being mocked, yet they had no choice but
to bear with the rage flaring inside.

Cathartic live comments were posted rapidly on the livestream chat box as well.

[Cordy is the best! I like her an-eye-for-an-eye attitude! Two-faced b*tches really are the worst!]

[I really like her. I thought she was a shrinking violet before; I never thought that she’s actually a

[I love Cordy!]

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