A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 174

Chapter 174

Maron could not help looking at Cordy, who remained composed from the very start, just then.

He had definitely been surprised to run into her at the studio today, especially when he had done his
best to ask Cordy to stay in Astonia all those years ago. He could have helped her push her way to the
pinnacle of the international market, not to mention that the nation’s royalty had contacted him, asking
for Lovely’s personal designs.

She refused, however, saying she was choosing something more important than fame.

She only agreed to meet Maron before returning to Zidonia to thank him for years of support, saying
that she might retire from the fashion industry and focus on business instead. He naturally did his best
to persuade her not to leave, insisting that he would never demand a yearly quota of designs from her.
All he wanted was for her to not give up on her own dreams because he could feel her passion for
fashion design.

Thankfully, she listened, and it was why her breathtaking designs occasionally appeared in the market
over the last few years.

Even so, the audience remained skeptical.

“It’s just words!”

Maron scowled-a public figure with such international renown should not be suffering such repeated
questionings by others!

Hence, with a solemn expression and resonant voice, he declared, “Cordy is Lovely! I guarantee


you that, with my authority and reputation as an editor of the world’s most famous fashion magazine
and as a chief fashion designer!”

In reality, a public figure willing to speak up for another person, even putting their reputation on the line
for them, was proof enough.

There was no need to question his integrity, but the audience members bribed by Kyle would do what
they must to swing the sentiment against Cordy.

“I can prove my own identity,” Cordy said bluntly right then, not wanting further harassment on Maron.

After all, that man had scouted her, mentored her, and befriended her.

She had always been aloof-her abusive family left her paranoid and distrustful toward everyone, and
she therefore refused to reveal her face as Lovely. It naturally got her on the wrong side of multiple
nations and their media outlets, and they almost canceled her.

That was when Maron approached her, took up the role as her referee, and promoted her designs so
that they were accepted by the world over.

Her living conditions improved dramatically as a result, but just as her career as a fashion designer
rose to its pinnacle, she gave up and returned to Zidonia for Kyle’s sake.

She was convinced that it was not easy for her to find someone who did not hate her for her past, even
accepting her. She told herself that she must cherish him and to learn to be grateful.

That was why she gave up on her career, drinking socially and excessively so that she could attract
sponsors and win contracts just to help Kyle bring Jessop Corp back from the brink. There was once
when alcohol seemed to overwhelm her senses and left her fatigued toward design, finding no interest

in it, let alone ideas. If Maron had not continuously encouraged her and helped her regain her original
inspirations, she would not have returned to fashion design at all.

And despite sacrificing so much for Kyle, she never told him because she was convinced he knew.

The outcome was certainly ironic-the man whom she had given her heart to was doing everything he
could to discredit her and take everything she had.

Withholding those emotions within herself, Cordy turned toward the host. “May I ask a crew member to
bring me my phone from the dressing room?”

“Of course.” The host nodded, and a crew member soon brought Cordy’s phone.

With that, she calmly tapped on her phone and spoke into the microphone. “Now, I would like everyone
to check Lovely’s official Twitter and Facebook page for the most recent update.”

Everyone promptly whipped out their phones while the livestream viewers also logged into their
respective social media accounts to check.

They all saw it right then, on both Lovely’s social network pages: [Greetings. My name is Cordy Sachs!]

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