A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 175

Chapter 175

There was no doubting it now. With the testimony of an internationally renowned authority and Cordy’s
own social network profiles, she was Lovely!

The studio audience, who were just grumbling about the competition’s outcome moments ago, was
instantly silent.

Those watching the livestream were stunned into silence as well, with the live comment section
pausing for seconds.

Still, in John’s WhatsApp group, Bob could not help sending more messages.

[Holy crap! Cordy is Lovely?! This is amazing! The pride of the continent! The prodigious fashion

[She is as beautiful as she is talented! Who wouldn’t fall for her?!]

[What did you eat to become so sharp-eyed, Johnny?!]

[Also, Kyle probably wants to hang himself right about now. Jay, it’s not like I’m being mean to your
brother-in-law, but this serves him right!]

Meanwhile, Kyle was certainly glowering.

He never knew that Cordy was Lovely even after being with her for years-she was just some street
performer when he met her! If not for his alms, she would have starved to death abroad!

He then remembered-after they got into a relationship, Cordy had mentioned a good career prospect

But that was also when Jessop Corp faced a crisis, and his parents urged him to return to Zidonia. He
naturally ignored Cordy’s so-called career prospect since whatever it was, it would only sustain her own
living expenditure as best.

He could feel her reluctance, but for him, Jessop Corp was more important.

Still, he must admit that he had really been into her, and it was a selfish move to keep her with him.

He did not expect her to go so far for him either, becoming a public relations officer for Jessop Corp
and bringing the company so many sponsors.

At first he was emotional toward her sacrifice and intended to repay her… that was, until Noel showed

Noel was Cordy’s polar opposite, and Noel only cared more about his feelings. She would always be
quick to sense that he was getting upset and seemed to worship him unconditionally, boosting his ego
as a man.

On the other hand, Cordy would stand against Kyle’s policies during executive meetings, and his own
executives would even side with her. Even in his own family’s company, he felt emasculated and

Naturally, he developed attachment toward Noel with the stark contrast, and he had a drunken fumble
with her one night.

In addition, he never got to touch Cordy’s hand more than a few times even after their relationship was
confirmed for ages. On the other hand, Noel was willing to be with him even if it was in secret without
anything official, and he naturally developed a soft spot for Noel.

Be that as it may, he could never resolve himself to break up with Cordy, since there was no question
that he used to have feelings for her and was reluctant to part ways with her. It was not until that fire on
their wedding day, when he chose to save Noel and revealed their affair, that he had to break up with

But even after all that, there was still this little part of his heart that felt like he owed Cordy because she
was undoubtedly the reason Jessop Corp survived. He thought to himself that he could take care of her
even after their break up… if she had not hooked up with another man in the blink of an eye!

He always believed that Cordy only loved him and could never accept any other man, which was why
he harassed her relentlessly, bent on making her regret her disloyalty! He was even less sentimental
now that Cordy threatened to destroy his economic lifeblood, and he would retaliate by discrediting her
and making her regret her entire existence!

And yet, all he got was one slap in the face after another!

To make things worse, this latest attempt only served to reveal to every person in the nation that she
went by another identity-one of unshakeable fame and integrity!

He spent troves of money to bribe production crew members and prepared scripts that would win
sympathy for Noel and Mandy’s on-screen personas-including a script for when Noel claimed first
place, since they planned to have Cordy forfeited as soon as the initial results were announced.

And yet, even though they pushed Noel to the summit after so much, Cordy only turned around and
launched a lethal blow that sent their ploy crumbling!

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