A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 170

Chapter 170

Hence, Noel confidently waited for Cordy to present her designs.

In fact, Noel was convinced that she might not have to scheme against Cordy to beat Cordy this.


Just then, the crowd was applauding, and Noel turned to find Cordy stepping onstage.

Mandy was still in the backstage changing room, so the crowd was relatively calm.

After a few minutes, the curtains opened, and the crowd was once again roaring in approval as Mandy
arrived on stage, once again stealing the limelight.

It was a red gown, covered from top to bottom with bright red roses, and yet showing no vulgarity. Not
only was it fresh and novel, but it was also stunningly attractive.

Noel’s design only had amplified aesthetics, and any audience would only admire its elegance from
afar. On the other hand, they would have a pressing need to possess the gown Cordy designed, so that
they could put it on and wow the crowd.

Naturally, Cordy’s design was far more breathtaking, and Noel had already expected that.

To be precise, she had arranged for it.

As she turned to glance at Mandy, Mandy returned her gaze.

From others’ perspective, it would just be a normal eye contact between close friends.

Only they themselves knew that their cunning plan had just succeeded.

Meanwhile, Cordy was pursing his lips as he stared at the perfect gown Mandy was wearing, just as
she could feel the audience’s delight upon seeing it.

If there were no other surprises, she would be the winner.

But in reality, the gown Mandy was wearing… was not the one she designed.

She had been helping Mandy put on the gown she designed in the dressing room, and once that was
done, she left and headed to the stage first, as it was in the script.

However, Cordy immediately sensed trouble after Mandy still not coming out despite her waiting for

But she could not return inside after coming out.

What she predicted was Mandy sabotaging the gown, and anticipating that, she would sew it back up
while saying Mandy accidentally ruined it. It would just be a few marks deducted at worst, with nothing
affecting the outcome at all.

She just did not expect Mandy to change into another dress entirely right in the open.

This had to be planned beforehand too, and not something they put together hastily-the gown Mandy
was wearing now must have been secretly brought backstage. Then, after Cordy left, one

of the assistants would help Mandy get changed.

It was a bold theory, but the switcheroo was very likely since there were no cameras in the dressing

Even so, Cordy kept a stiff upper lip.

Remaining calm as ever, she realized that the dress she designed would have been taken away by the
backstage crew set in place by now.

She would have no evidence even if she wanted to expose the plot against her, not to mention that the
designers had done their work in an enclosed room from the very start!

There may have been adjudicators in the room with her, but it went without saying that Kyle had
already bribed them.

She had been so wary of Noel and Kyle for so many rounds… only to fall for their trap at the end!


How hard was it for them to accept her success that they could go to such despicable lengths?!

Nonetheless, the competition proceeded to voting, and Cordy once again won overwhelmingly to claim
the final victory.

As crackers popped and confetti rained, Noel walked up to Cordy and gave her a warm hug. appearing
delighted for her, even offering her sincere congratulations.

There was no doubt that the gesture won a massive tide of goodwill, from both the live audience and

those watching it on TV!

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