A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 165

Chapter 165

Noel and Mandy were certainly in a good mood after Cordy dropped in rank.

In their heads, that-and elimination-was the true extent of Cordy’s abilities.

The last round was a fluke, and she once again lucked out this time.

And the next round, she would be gone!

Cordy, however, seemed to stay immune to her drop in ranking or any criticism the public threw her

After she was done with the second round, she placed all her focus on her work.

Then, when she had free time, she would prepare the design for the next round.

She was in her office when her phone suddenly rang.

However, she was too busy to check who it was before answering it.

“You don’t have to do this, Cordy.” Kyle was scoffing immediately.

Cordy sighed honestly, men with inferiority complexes got smug about the simplest things.

At the same time, Kyle was laughing coolly. “Don’t think I can’t tell. You had to work with Starstream
Fashion’s designers for that dress in the first round. But they’re nothing without Noel, and they’ll only
get you past the first round. I heard your rank already dropped in the second… If I were you, I would
have forfeited instead of embarrassing myself further.”

“And what does that have to do with you?” Cordy said coolly. “You really should be keeping a close eye
on your darling Noel instead. I mean, now that she’s getting really popular, she might dump you in an

“Noel isn’t like that!” Kyle exploded, incensed by just a few words from Cordy. “Don’t try to drive us
apart! We’re getting along perfectly and we’ll get married once Noel wins this. You won’t ever have me
in this life, Cordy!”

“Where did you get the confidence that I want you?” Cordy laughed, actually amused.

She might have been sad before, since she had genuinely loved him before.

Now, however, everything he did only left her creeped out, and anything she felt toward him before had

In fact, she now regretted falling for him in the first place, allowing him to wound her so deeply and
making it so hard for her to fall in love again.

Even so, Kyle remained gleeful as he gloated. “It’s best if you’re more self aware, Cordy. Don’t think
you can strut just because you hooked up with John Levine. I don’t mind telling you that he already has
a fiancee, but it was never announced.”

He had gone to Rocktown for a business trip a couple days ago and inadvertently caught wind of a lot
of gossip.

“And that fiancee? You aren’t even fit to wipe her shoes,” Kyle continued viciously. “Don’t be naive.

You’re just making a fool of yourself-”

Cordy hung up on him right then.

She had already messed up terribly because of him once.

She would not believe a word he said now.

Over the next few rounds, Cordy somehow survived despite constantly ranking last.

It felt as if she would be disqualified on each episode, only for her to proceed again.

Kyle, Noel, and Mandy were therefore left with an indescribable sense of futility.

It was as if every punch they threw hit something too soft to vent their frustrations, and they had to
watch as Cordy proceeded to the final round.

This time, it was a live broadcast.

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