A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 164

Chapter 164

Even so, John could still feel his heart racing.

Back in Cordy’s house, Zoe stepped out of Cordy’s study once she deleted the videos, asking, “Is he

Cordy quickly came to her senses, composed herself, and returned inside her study. “Yeah.”

“Was I imposing?” Zoe asked, actually a little guilty just then.

“No, it’s fine.” Cordy denied it.

Still, Zoe watched her face for a moment before teasing, “That’s not your first kiss with him, is it?”

Cordy was taken aback, but she shook her head. “No.”

The last time, John basically caught her off guard.

She only felt shock and rage at the time.

This time, she gave her silent approval.

Which was why it felt different-very much so.

“He’s a good kisser, isn’t he?” Zoe could not help teasing Cordy again when she saw Cordy’s


Cordy was left staring at Zoe, actually unsure how to answer just then.

Both kisses were barely a brush, after all… technique was not involved.

“Oh, that stud.” Zoe simply acknowledged John’s prowess since she was not getting an answer from

Others aside, that face of his would have left anyone mesmerized.

“By the way, I was surprised you actually took part in a reality show-I wouldn’t have known if Penny
didn’t mention it to me,” Zoe said, changing the subject. “So that’s why you’ve been busy lately.”

“I’m just using it as a platform to promote Starstream Fashion,” Cordy replied. “We’re getting
widespread coverage thanks to your work as a brand ambassador, but overall speaking, the company
isn’t quite reaching the standard I was hoping for.”

“You must surpass Jessop Corp,” Zoe said supportively. “Seeing Kyle Jessop being smug and all
disgusts me.”

Cordy actually was not doing it just to surpass Jessop Corp-though if Starstream rose to the heights
she wanted, crushing Jessop Corp would be no issue.

All Cordy wanted was to fulfill her late mother’s wish to bring Starstream to new heights, but her mother
had met with an accident that took her life soon after she founded the company. Otherwise, her mother
would have been able to bring Starstream to the pinnacle in the fashion

industry, given her ability.

“Oh, and you should keep an eye out for Noel Sachs and Mandy Jessop,” Zoe added in concern. “A
two-faced witch and a schemer? They’re definitely up to no good-be careful not to fall for their

“I know.” Cordy nodded.

She knew this would not just be a competition after she saw that they were taking part in Solo

Show as well.

However, it would not be difficult to beat them-she just had to make sure they did not find her a


In fact, in the first round, she had already gone overboard although she tried to hold back because she
had no idea what the standards of the other designers were.

Now that she knew, she knew what to do in the remaining rounds.

Still, Zoe became relieved after some thought. “Actually, you don’t really have to worry about being
bullied with John around.”

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat, but there was no question that John offered her a sense of security.

Nonetheless, Cordy was clearly being harassed in the second round.

Forget the lack of screen time-the script she was given was clearly unfavorable.

Naturally, she knew that Noel and Mandy were behind that, since neither of them could accept her
being ranked fifth in the first round.

In their heads, she should have been eliminated right then and there.

John was right-money talks.

But this was exactly what she wanted too, because preparation was the key to success!

As such, she only took twelfth place during the second round.

It was a hard fall compared to before, and it was a close shave from elimination.

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