A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 159

Chapter 159

The pilot episode of this season’s Solo Show was received with widespread acclaim, gaining plenty of
public reaction and viewership.

It was only then that John realized what Cordy meant when she said she would be busy for three

He kept looping the scenes where Cordy was featured, watching it for over half an hour even though it
was supposed to last minutes.

Randy Martin was actually left speechless as he looked on.

He understood that Cordy was beautiful and she would eclipse even star celebrities if she stood beside
them… but John could get cross-eyed if he kept watching the same video over and again!

Randy could not help chuckling as he imagined the sight!

Still, he quickly turned silent at the next instant as a murderous, terrifying glare was shot his way.

“Do you find this funny?” John asked.

“Nope,” Randy replied, and added. “Mrs. Levine is beautiful.”

That only made John scowl harder, leaving Randy on the verge of tears.

What was wrong with praising Cordy?! She was beautiful!

“Out!” John barked

Randy did so immediately, relieved in a way.

After he was gone, John picked up his phone and called Cordy.

However, she was at a meeting, and when she saw who the caller was, she used the quick response to
text him before hanging up: [I’m busy. Call you back later.]

John was left glowering, though notifications of WhatsApp messages soon popped up.

He tapped on the four-men chat group to find Bob Davis uploading the same video John had been
watching for a while now, even tagging John on it.

Bob’s excitement was palpable even from the other end.

[Did you see this, Johnny? The missus is taking part in a variety show, and she’s quite popular.
Everyone is saying how pretty she is, but most importantly, she got fifth place despite the elimination
round! Oh, how the tables have turned!]

While John did not reply, Bob tagged Jay Parker as well.

[Your wife is taking part too. She placed first, partnering with Noel Sachs!]

And since the two ‘husbands’ were talking, Sam Saunders joined in the festivities as a bystander
instead, typing: [Cordy Sachs, Noel Sachs, and Mandy Jessop? This is going to be a bloodbath!]

Bob certainly did not mind continuing to goad either. [If Zoe York was there too, things would get

physical on live TV. Now that’s what I call fun…]

Neither John nor Jay replied at all, just as John’s phone began to ring.

He glanced at the caller and answered.

“I was in a meeting. Why did you call me?” Cordy asked, calling him back after leaving the conference

John tended to stick to texting-a call might mean something important.

“If I didn’t check the news, I wouldn’t have known that my girlfriend was exposing herself to the public,”
he said very quietly.

Cordy was speechless.

Exposing herself? That sounds downright dirty!

“It’s just a competition,” Cordy explained. “It’ll be over in three months, at most.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” John asked.

Cordy was quiet-she did not think that they were at the level where they needed to tell each other

They were just trying out a relationship!

“Or maybe you think your boyfriend doesn’t have that reach?” John asked, raising a brow.

“What?” Cordy was left confused.

“If Kyle Jessop can afford to buy off the press, do you think I can’t?”

Cordy realized then that he was actually upset that Noel was outshining her.

And yet, she was complaining that he was overstepping boundaries.

Cordy felt at once guilty and comforted.

Smiling, she said, “Your girlfriend has ability. She doesn’t need her boyfriend to waste his money.”
“Money talks,” John warned her nonetheless.

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