A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 156

Chapter 156

“Yeah,” Cordy replied, though she would not actually mind Zoe staying longer.

Changing the subject, John asked, “Ms. Sachs, wouldn’t you like to go on a trip?”

Cordy was at a loss for words-he was really getting energetic, was he not?

“I’m sorry, I’ll be busy in the immediate future,” she said, rejecting him right then since she had to
prepare for the reality show.

John was clearly upset at that, and asked, “How long for?”

“Probably three months.”

If they lasted until the finals, naturally.

“Remember, you can’t turn me down after three months!” he said, his tone demanding but his

words tender.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat, but she ultimately agreed to it.

A week later, the news about Jay was starting to cool off-probably because the Levines intervened.

Jay was certainly smart. Even if the Levines had no reason to help Zoe’s showbiz career, they had
reason to help Jay, and they naturally had to enforce a media gag on any news that reflected badly on

In reality, it did not affect anything that badly either. Since Jay was the one working behind the scenes,
the damage to Zoe’s reputation was limited-she was even considered to be the victim of

the incident, winning her waves of sympathy.

One might even call it a blessing in disguise.

It was certainly a smart move on Kyle Jessop’s part, as the news of Jay quickly cooled off Kyle and
Noel Sach’s scandal, the heinous nature of said move notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, Cordy received a notice that she was proceeding to the round of 32 for Solo Show, the
reality fashion show she intended to take part in. She was also informed that she should proceed
immediately to the studio where the recording would take place.

From there, the designers would engage in an elimination format until there was only one left standing.
The winner’s brand would then receive free sponsorship from one of the major sponsors of the
program based in North City.

Naturally, it was not the most important aspect of the competition-once the competition heated up, the
standard of the designers left standing would be higher.

In fact, Cordy ran into Noel as soon as she arrived at the studio, though she was not surprised to see
Noel there.

Her stepsister had always been a show-off, and Noel would never spare a chance to flaunt herself.

Naturally, Noel also wanted something to clear her name after the scandal before. It was therefore no
surprise that both Jessop Corp and Sachs Enterprises were backing her in secret.

On the other hand, Noel was left in disbelief when she saw Cordy.

Did Cordy think owning a fashion company gave her the right to take part in a competition for fashion

How hilarious!

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