A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 155

Chapter 155

“Yeah,” Zoe murmured. “The issue is resolved and I can relax in bed.”

“Okay. There’s not much to eat around here, so you’d have to order takeout.”


With that, Cordy got out of bed and headed out to work.

On the way there, she thought about it before calling John. “Zoe’s at my house.”

“Yeah. Keep her company for the next couple days.”

“You knew, didn’t you?” she asked, but it was definitely the case given his tone.

“What wouldn’t I know when we all live under the same roof? Only Zoe thought she hid it well, but I
didn’t realize that she’d never let go even after so many years.” John replied, though he still admitted
that he did not think that far. “I shouldn’t have forced her to return to Levine Manor.”

Still, Cordy could not hide her curiosity. “Does Jay not like Zoe?”

She certainly could tell that Zoe loved Jay.

But was Jay’s dislike toward Zoe the reason they could not be together?

But if Jay did not like Zoe, why would he scapegoat himself for Zoe’s sake?

“Things are complicated between them,” John explained. “I’m keeping the specifics confidential for Jay
since Jay is my friend and elder, but the bottomline is that they can’t be together.”

Cordy was actually irked that John was openly keeping something from her.

Still, John suddenly relented. “It’s not as if I can’t tell you..

Cordy, however, did not believe that John was that agreeable-especially considering his cunning


“But since this concerns my family’s privacy, I’m afraid I can’t reveal it to someone outside the family.
That said, you’ll have the right to know everything if you marry me.”

John said it as if it was only natural, leaving Cordy speechless.

She already wanted to comment on Alan Levine being as devious as a snake, but it seemed now that
the Levines were all a nest of vipers.

“Anyway,” John continued. “Zoe can sleep over at your place for a few days. I’ll tell her to move out
once I find a place for her.”

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