A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 151

Chapter 151

As Cordy rode the elevator upstairs to her apartment, the doors eventually opened to reveal Zoe
leaning against Cordy’s door, her face scarlet.

She was clearly drunk.

Cordy quickly strode up to her. “Zoe?”

Zoe was clearly muddled even as she opened her eyes, on the verge of tears when she saw Cordy.
“You’re finally back.”

“What are you doing here?” Cordy asked. “You’re really drunk, too.”

“Shooting ended early today, so I went drinking with some friends,” Zoe replied, her breath stinking of

How much did she drink, really?!

“With Quinn?” Cordy asked.

“No, she’s too busy and went on a business trip anyway. I went with other friends… Burp! Drinking
buddies,” Zoe said, and belched.

Zoe certainly knew that Quinn was not that unreliable.

Still, she quickly opened the door and helped Zoe inside, asking, “Why didn’t you call me if you’re out

“Dear John would murder me if I disturbed your date,” Zoe said, and she began to retch.

Cordy quickly helped her to the bathroom, and Zoe started to vomit while clutching at the toilet.

She did so for a long while, clutching her sick belly while Cordy kept rubbing her back. “Do you feel
better? I can bring you water.”

“I need a bath,” Zoe suddenly said.

“Can you do it on your own?”


Cordy quickly filled her bathtub and brought Zoe fresh clothes.

Then, as Zoe was done bathing, Cordy passed Zoe the honey drink she made.

Zoe lay in Cordy’s bed and drank the honey drink, beaming, “I knew you’d take care of me once I get

Cordy smiled begrudgingly-Zoe’s face was pale from all that vomiting, but she was still beaming
somehow. “Don’t you have plenty of servants to take care of you?”

“There are people I don’t want to see at Levine Manor.”

“Having a fight with your parents? Or Alan Levine?” Cordy asked in concern.

“No.” Zoe denied it, but she was not elaborating either, and she simply pulled her blanket over

herself. “I’m going to sleep.”

Cordy never liked prying into others’ privacy either, but just as she rose to her feet to leave, Zoe’s
phone began to ring.

Cordy helped Zoe take it out of her bag and handed it to her. “Your manager.”

Though clearly upset, Zoe answered, “Linda…”

“Are you with Jay Parker right now?” Linda asked right then.

Zoe’s heart skipped a beat.

Funny how her heart raced anytime anyone mentioned that man around her.

Still, she calmly asked, “Who’s feeding you new rubbish this time?”

“Someone took a photo of you with him!” Linda exclaimed grimly.

Zoe abruptly sat up on bed, startling Cordy beside her.

Cordy watched as Zoe tapped her phone screen in panic and browsed through the latest news.

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