A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 147

Chapter 147

Zoe’s scandal continued to top search trends the next day.

After all, her management company could not enforce a full media blackout-especially not with Kyle
pressuring the press in secret.

Kyle was in a good mood as he watched the news, and after some thought, he decided to call Cordy.

Cordy had seen what was going on in the news as well, and she naturally could tell that it was Kyle.

He was actually smart enough to use another scandal to snuff out his, just to shield Jessop Corp from
further harm by his own scandal.

“Oh, Cordy… Do you think John Levine would come forward to help Zoe York?” Kyle asked with
contempt when she answered.

Cordy honestly did not want to waste her breath with Kyle, not to mention that he would have an
aneurysm if she told him that Zoe was actually a member of the Levine family.

“Do you think John would go public with his relationship with Zoe or try to snuff out the scandal in
secret?” Kyle continued to scoff at her. “See? You’re just one of his women.”

While Cordy was not bothered to say anything, he only became more contemptible. “I’m really
curious… How did you manage to seduce John? Like, did you drop your panties and jump him? You
used to knock my hand away back then when I tried to take it off, only for you to turn out to be this

“Oh, I jumped him and then some,” Cordy replied, not bothered to explain anything. “As for why I
wouldn’t let you touch me before? It’s just because you’re way beneath me.”

“Cordy Sachs!” Kyle huffed right then.

“What do you think you have on John Levine, honestly?” Cordy continued with maximum scorning.” I
mean are you better looking? Richer? Or more influential? Clearly, you are none of that, so have no
right to mock my relationship with him! Oh, and don’t blame me for not warning you, but Noel has
always loved my stuff-it’s like she can’t bear seeing me possessing anything better than she does. I
mean, were you really never worried that Noel would suddenly fall in love with John?”

“She’s not like you!” Kyle screamed, incensed and unable to accept the disdain he was suffering from

“Well, it’s up to you if you actually listen,” Cordy said, and she hung up on him.

Kyle’s face darkened as he stared at his phone screen, which read: call disconnected.

He wanted to mock Cordy, only for her to point out how useless he was!

He then remembered Noel’s volatile attitude toward him recently…

Aggravated, Kyle’s veins were bulging over his forehead!

After hanging up on Kyle, Cordy could not resist texting John.

[Did you see the news about Zoe?]

[I did.]

The reply was quick, but also clearly unconcerned.

[Aren’t you going to help Zoe clear her name? There are many who take it as confirmation she has a
sugar daddy.]

[She didn’t ask me for help.]

Cordy could not quite respond to that, though John soon added: [I don’t support her career in showbiz
either. It would actually be good if she retired because of this.]

[Are you blood related?!]

Cordy could not stop herself from snapping at John.

Even if she had only just met Zoe recently, she could feel Zoe’s passion for acting-most importantly,
Zoe had natural talent for it, as she really brought to life any role she played.

Nonetheless, John replied: [We’re just cousins.]

Cordy rolled her eyes, understanding why Zoe feared John just then-the man was impervious to

[Zoe could always return to Levine Ventures to help me out even without her career in showbiz. There
aren’t many Levines around to take care of our burgeoning business.]

It seemed to be an explanation from John, but Cordy wondered if he was just bragging.

Who on earth would say their family business was burgeoning out loud?!

Still, something puzzled Cordy.

[Why not Jay Parker?]

[You really pay him extra attention, huh?)

Cordy could feel the jealous leaking from the other end, and she smiled as she sent a reply.

[He’s helped me on more than one occasion.]

She genuinely considered Jay a person who could be relied on.

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