A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 143

Chapter 143

Zoe was attending Jay’s university graduation ceremony when she realized that she was in love with

She was so jealous when every classmate of his seemed to profess their love to Jay.

Hence, on a dark, windy night, she stood at the main entrance of Levine Manor, waiting for Jay, who
was out having dinner with Bob and the rest.

The instant she saw his towering figure alighting from his car, she threw all caution to the wind and
leaped into his arms.

Jay stank of alcohol and only that–he never used deodorant or perfume.

But even if he sweated all over after playing basketball, she would find him carrying a sense of
freshness from head to toe.

“What is it? Don’t tell me it’s a nightmare. You’re an adult now–Umph.” Jay asked her very softly, and
his eyes suddenly widened.

Even Zoe could not remember what gave her such courage, but she had wrapped her arms around his
neck and stood on her toes to plant a kiss squarely on his lips.

There was even tongue involved–the scent of alcohol in his mouth was strong and it left her dazed.

Even so, she knew very well what she was doing and why.

And it was when she really kissed Jay that she realized how deeply in love with him she was. It had
been going on for so long that she did not even know when it began!

He was not the most successful man she had ever met, but she lost her sense of self loving him.

The kiss lasted for so long, but she was inexperienced since it was her first kiss–if anything, it was a
physical reaction.

She left his lips swollen when she let go of him, and things got awkward soon after.

As Zoe’s heart pounded like a drum over her chest, she tried to speak, to declare her love.

She did not want to wait, or Jay would soon be someone else’s.

He had a degree in film, and he would meet many actresses… Showbiz had always been a mess.

“I… Umph.” Zoe was just about to speak when Jay leaned in and kissed her.

Though there was tongue involved again, his kiss was much more tender than hers–to the point she
felt like she was the happiest woman in the world, bar none.

Her knees went weak from the kiss, and she could not tell him that she loved him.

She was long since too embarrassed to speak.

Moreover, they both made their moves–words were unnecessary.

In the end, Jay even had to carry her back to her room.

Even then, she was under the impression that things between them were basically confirmed, and she
shared that sweetness with her best friend, Quinn Summer.

And yet, however blissful she felt that night, the next night was that terrible.

She was once again waiting at the door for Jay to come home.

After graduating university, Jay immediately took up an internship at Windmill Pictures, which was

affiliated with Levine Ventures.

And interns always worked late, so she had to wait for a while until Jay’s car returned.

She hid in a dark corner, intending to surprise him… only to find that he had another woman in his car.
The woman looked familiar–Zoe recognized her as an actress, but not a famous one.

While Zoe was left perplexed, she watched as Jay pinned that woman beneath himself in the car and
kissed her ferociously.

The yellowed streetlights made it hard for Zoe to see how much they were glued to each other, but she
could hear the sound of her own heart breaking into pieces.

There was no telling how long had passed when Jay finally let go of the actress and she drove

away in his car.

On the other hand, he strode through the front door and found Zoe bawling.

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