A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 142

Chapter 142

Mandy could certainly tell that Zoe was going to hit her, but she did not expect Zoe to do it in public!

However, even as Mandy panicked, someone suddenly pulled her away, while Zoe’s stiletto heel
abruptly landed on Jay’s leg instead.

Zoe certainly knew her strength, and given how sharp her stiletto heel was, she could imagine how
much pain Mandy would be in, only to hit Jay instead.

Jay flinched slightly from the pain, but he otherwise bore with it.

Zoe was left staring at him in disbelief.

Mandy was stunned that he came to her rescue too, and her heart began to race as Jay left her dazed
and bewitched.

Zoe in turn clenched her fist and watched Jay icily, as he arched his back and scooped Mandy up his
arms and left as she watched.

In the end, he fell for Mandy!

Even though Zoe did not see the look on his face, her tears were welling with tears.

She lowered her gaze and worked hard to fight her tears.

No. She must not shed tears for Jay–her tears were not that cheap!

And she had cried enough for him!

She slowly returned to her seat, as if nothing ever happened.

Meanwhile, Jay put Mandy on her seat and started to leave without a pause.

“Mr. Parker…” Mandy caught his wrist, stopping him.

“Let go if you don’t want me to turn on you,” he growled threateningly.

Mandy could actually sense his fury, and she was confused as to why he would save her a second ago,
but now hate her to the bone for some reason.

Gritting her teeth, she released him, and he returned to his seat without even looking back.

Hence, everyone was discussing among themselves what just happened even before the gala started.

“I thought it was just rumors, but Jay Parker is really dating Mandy Jessop!”

“I guess he’s not that serious… and he’s also so kind to Mandy! I mean, that princess carry? He’s the

“He’s so cool! I actually mistook him for a newcomer when I worked with him for the first time. That’s
how good looking he is!”

“Mandy really hit the jackpot, didn’t she? Her family is wealthy and influential, her career in

showbiz has taken off, and she doesn’t lack money. And now, she has an ideal boyfriend like Jay… Oh,
this is killing me!”

Zoe listened as they talked, and she suddenly smiled as she remembered her past with Jay.

Her maternal grandfather adopted Jay into the Levine family when he was ten.


She was five at the time and did not know any better–all she thought was that Jay was handsome.

She was the only child in the entire manor before, since John was usually abroad, and he would only
hang out with Bob and the rest whenever he returned, rarely playing with her. As such, her only
companion was Jay, and she would always tag along with her ‘uncle‘ wherever he went for the longest

And yet, Jay had always been neutral to her.

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