A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 138

Chapter 138

There was no stopping the press coverage at all, as if someone was encouraging every media outlet to
keep pumping out more scandalous articles on Noel and Kyle.

No other news seemed to make headlines either, and their scandal remained stuck at first place on
every search engine, the hate only seeming to grow worse by the day!

Naturally, their families‘ respective businesses were at a constant decline as well.

If this continued, both Jessop Corp and Sachs Enterprises would be bankrupted by a single scandal…
which would certainly be an unprecedented case!

At a board meeting in Jessop Corp, Dandy Jessop was bellowing at Kyle in front of the other board
members and executives. “You couldn’t buy the media’s silence on a single scandal?! How long has it
been, or do you want to drag the company down with you?!”

Kyle was absolutely indignant, too–he was convinced at first that the scandal would eventually cool off,
but he seemed stuck at top searches after so long!

Someone must be behind it, and one did not need to imagine to know who it was…

To think that Cordy really bewitched John

The same woman Kyle could not even lay a finger on had thrown herself into that man’s arms!

Kyle was only getting increasingly furious the more he thought about it.

Nonetheless, he growled through his teeth, “I’ll get it done by today.”

“You’d better not disappoint me!” Dandy snapped, and stormed off.

Everyone else quickly left too, leaving Kyle alone in the conference room.

He promptly whipped out his phone and dialed a number. “Mandy.”

“What is it, Kyle?” She sounded a little impatient. “I’m having my makeup done right now. There’s a
fashion gala tonight.”

Jessop Corp was never a concern for Mandy Jessop anyway–all she cared about was that she was
happy and living carefree.

“Will Zoe York be attending the gala too?”

“Why are you asking about here?” Mandy’s expression cooled right then.

From Mandy’s perspective, Zoe was her archnemesis, even though they were not on the same level at

Even so, Mandy was dead sure that Zoe was an A–lister only because she slept her way to the top! In
fact, Mandy believed that if she had been willing to do the same, she would be miles ahead of Zoe!

“Is she going or not?” Kyle scowled, not wanting to waste his breath.

“Yes! She’s even supposed to be the main event!” Mandy snapped in annoyance. “Just stick with

Noel, Kyle. Zoe is filth!”

“Just worry about yourself,” Kyle retorted and hung up right then.

He tapped on his phone’s photo album to check the photos he had of Zoe and John.

The star actress‘ scandal would definitely top search trends for a while…

At the gala, Mandy was checking her reflection in the mirror, having prettied up herself as much as

She did not want to attend this gala at all, since everyone would only be focusing on Zoe even if she
did, and she did not want to embarrass herself.

She only came because she heard that Jay Parker would be attending as well, and so, she decided to
bear with it.

Suddenly, she sprang to her feet, and her manager Jenny quickly reminded her, “It’s still a while before
you enter, Mandy.”

“I know,” Mandy snapped impatiently. “I just want to take a stroll outside–don’t mind me.”

Jenny had more to say, but considering Mandy’s bad temper, she chose silence rather than abuse.

On the other hand, Mandy left the dressing room and searched the walkways… until she found Jay’s

She entered immediately without knocking, and she ran into Jay changing.

He was shirtless, and the outlines of his chiseled chest was everything she loved!

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