A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 137

Chapter 137

Sue’s eyes were welling with tears, but she finally understood how much it hurt to take the full force of
Plum’s slap in the face!

She thought that Cordy was faking her deafness, but now, all she could hear was her ears ringing

However, she did not have the confidence to sue Plum like Cordy would, so she just had to bear

with it.

But she could not believe that ten percent of Sachs Enterprises‘ shares would end up in Cordy’s hands!

Keeping her savagery in check just then, she kept playing up her delicate persona in front of Simon
and Plum. “You misunderstand, Plum. It’s not that I don’t care, I just think Cordy is really forgets her

“Shut up!” Plum snapped at Sue, refusing to listen to the latter’s explanation.

After all, Plum knew better than anyone that Cordy was really forgetting her place.

It only hurt Plum more that she could not do a thing against Cordy!

On the other hand, Cordy appeared aloof as she watched them with a smile on her lips.

Simon and Noel had done the same whenever Plum abused her in the past, even occasionally spurring
Plum on.

Oh, how the tables had turned!

Sue saw the look on Cordy’s face then, and the indignation inside only left her face contorting.

Cordy was… mocking her?!

That was not all either. It was clearly payback!

Could Cordy have known that Sue was the one who goaded Plum to storm into Cordy’s office and slap

And that same slap was returned squarely in her face already?!

Nonetheless, Simon restrained himself and said, “I’ll ask my lawyer to send you the share transfer
agreement tomorrow…”

“No, I have the agreement right here. You just have to sign it,” Cordy said, taking out the agreement he
had agreed to beforehand.

Simon was left shaking with rage again at the paper.

Cordy had planned this every step of the way!

All he did was send himself to her doorstep and get humiliated!

He took the agreement, scanning through it and said, “Rescind your charges against your grandmother

“Sign that first,” Cordy said staunchly.

Simon clearly had more to say, so Cordy beat him to it.

“You have no place to negotiate. Those shares are mine whether I rescind my charges, but if you give
up those shares willingly, I can afford to be tactful and not hold anything against Plum.”

Gritting his teeth, Simon signed the agreement right then.

“Your fingerprint, please,” Cordy reminded him.

Simon gritted his teeth and did as he was told.

With the share transfer agreement signed, Cordy looked at it and smiled in satisfaction. “Don’t worry,”
she said. “I’ll go to the police later.”

Having humiliated himself utterly in front of Cordy, Simon did not pause for a moment as he turned to

“By the way,” Cordy called out to Simon just then, “Noel is too embarrassed to stay in Starstream now. I
mean, what CEO manufactures a scandal against their own company? Even if I tolerate her, the other
employees won’t. If you don’t want further embarrassment, inform her to come to HR to finish up her
paperwork for her resignation.”

Simon’s expression darkened further.

Within months, Cordy somehow had his family and their associates chased out of Starstream Group,
taking full control of the company’s management… and now, even plundering ten percent of Sachs
Enterprises‘ shares!

Increasingly infuriated by the thought, he kicked the door open on his way out.

Neither Plum nor Sue could do anything, and they quickly made themselves scarce as well.

Cordy watched as they left, her gaze turning cool right then.

She would take back everything her mother gave to the Sachs.

They did not deserve anything from her!

A week later, Noel and Kyle were still being flamed by the entire internet.

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