A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 134

Chapter 134

Even as their eyes met, certain feelings were undoubtedly growing.

Cordy genuinely did not think that after all the dark times she survived–and more recently Kyle- that
she would suddenly begin another relationship.

She was not actually sure about this, but she took the first step regardless.

Was it John who was good at flirting, or was he not as cold as she thought–not as disenchanted with
the world as she believed?

And after confirming their relationship, they were suddenly both silent, making things rather awkward.

“Do you hate that man who slept with you?” John suddenly asked.

There was a hint of nervousness in his impassive expression, while Cordy was just confused why he
would ask about that.

Maybe because she disliked men after that incident?

“I do,” she said.

John blinked subtly even as Cordy continued, “He was clearly conscious at the time. I remembered it
so clearly, begging him to stop and not to touch me… but he never did.

The past memory still left her with a pain she could not remove from her mind.

“But could it be possible that your body reacted differently from how you described it?” John suddenly

However, his voice was too quiet for Cordy to hear, and she asked, “What?”

Her right ear was deaf at the moment, and she could not pick up such a quiet voice with just her left

“What if one day, you run into that man again? What would you do?” John asked, changing his

“I won’t,” Cordy said determinedly. “Because I never saw his face through it all. I don’t know who he is,
but I’ll just pretend he never existed–even if I’m only lying to myself!”

John pursed his lips and reached out to take her hand.

Her fingers twitched and he quickly released her, sensing her distaste.

Even so, she suddenly caught his hand just as he withdrew his, leaving him in shock.

“I’ll do my best to get used to you,” she said.

John’s lips curled upward.

“It’s alright,” he said. “I can wait.”

Cordy’s heart raced slightly–she would be lying if she said that she was unemotional.

If she had not gone through so much tragedy, she was sure that she would not give a damn about
anything else, and she would love John with all that she was.

But despite her impulse to do so, she unwittingly remembered all the pain and indignation from being
deceived and betrayed.

She knew that she should not project the mistake of others on John, but humans are creatures of
emotions, and certainly a lot less rational than they give themselves credit for.

Perhaps time could change it all!

Soon, it was late, and Cordy walked John to the door.

Having confirmed their relationship, they became a little reluctant in parting.

“Get some rest soon,” John told her eventually.

“You too,” Cordy replied.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

“Now close the door.”

Cordy was suddenly speechless and felt as if they were going to keep the routine going at the doorway.

Well, there had to be a villain…

However, just as she was going to close the door, John suddenly reached out and stopped her.

While Cordy was left stunned, he arched his back, leaning downward to kiss her on the forehead at the
very next instant.

Cordy stiffened.

“Boyfriend privileges.” He smiled, then shut the door for her.

Cordy felt her cheeks burn.

Who was it who said that he could wait again?!

Honestly, all men really were pigs!

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