A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 133

Chapter 133

Cordy then gestured. “Try it.”

There was a slight expectation in her eyes, which seemed to twinkle dazzlingly.

John picked up his knife and cut through a slice of the grilled mackerel, politely and elegantly putting it
in his mouth and chewed.

He did not react much or give any comment, so Cordy could not tell at all if it was good.

Still, after he had the mackerel, he had one of the vinegar ribs..

And then the rest of the dishes.

When he was done, he picked up his red wine and took a small sip.

“Is it good?” Cordy could not resist asking eventually

Nonetheless, John slowly wiped the corner of his mouth and said, “It’s alright. Not bad.”

“Really?” Cordy quickly picked up her fork and knife, ready to eat.

That was when John’s long fingers suddenly caught her wrist, leaving her frowning.

“It’s enough for one of us to have food poisoning,” he said calmly, then took another sip of his red


Cordy naturally could tell what he was getting at, but smacked his hand off.

In the end, she insisted on trying the outcome of her first attempt at cooking!

But the look on her face certainly changed the instant she put some of the vinegar ribs into her mouth
and she spat it out right then!

It was supposed to be vinegar ribs! Why was it bitter?!

John chuckled at her reaction and handed her her drink.

She quickly took it and drank a mouthful before turning to John. “How did you stomach that?!”

“It’s difficult to refuse such sincerity,” he said with a smile.

While Cordy was speechless, he suggested, “Your omelets are actually good, Ms. Sachs.”

She bit her lip.

Her intent was to learn from Zoe and do this on her own, but it turned out that she was just lacking.

Retrieving all the dishes spread out over the table, Cordy returned to the kitchen and made two plates
of pasta.

She watched as John ate the pasta while taking the occasional sips of red wine, thinking to herself just
then that the good–looking ones seemed to look good no matter what they did.

“Sorry, I gave myself too much credit,” she said awkwardly, keeping her head down as she ate.

“It’s alright–having one person who can cook around the house is plenty enough,” he said bluntly.

Cordy could not say a word against that, and she was left biting her lip.

Still, she slowly looked up at him, mustered her courage, and asked, “Do you really… like me?”

“I thought I had been plenty obvious,” John replied.

“But I don’t like you that much,” Cordy said bluntly.

“That much was obvious, too,” John answered with composure, as if he had already accepted that fact.

“I’ve told you about my past…” she told him hesitantly. “But if you can accept that there won’t be much
intimacy between us for a long while, and that I’ll be very busy to the point that I can’t meet you much,
along with the fact that I need a lot time to really trust and fall for a person without announcing our
relationship to the public…”

John listened, his fingers clenching on his fork.

“If you can do that, we can try dating,” Cordy finished, then quickly lowered her head.

She pretended to eat her pasta without taking a single bite, and she was flushed despite her feigned

She was a twenty–five–year–old adult, and this was not her first time getting into a relationship.

Even so, she just felt so helpless.

However, she was not the only person being helpless either.

John was gulping, his alluring Adam’s apple bobbing endlessly.

Eventually, he said, “Okay.”

There was even a quiver in his voice!

But for him, time was not of any concern.

That was when Cordy looked up sneakily at John, and she found his gaze lingering ever so casually on
her face.

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