A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 132

Chapter 132

As John agreed to Cordy’s invitation without any questions, she started to type again.

[Bring Dicky…]

However, she suddenly paused before deleting the draft.

She left her bathroom and changed into fresh clothes before going out to buy food ingredients.

She was thinking about cooking dinner–after all, how hard could it be?

After getting the ingredients, she downloaded a cooking app and went to work according to the recipes

In the evening, Cordy still had her apron on her when the doorbell rang.

She quickly went to answer the door.

John was standing outside with a bouquet in his hands. He appeared formal and handsome as ever
with his black suit and silver necktie.

“I came here once I was done with work,” he said, explaining his getup.

Cordy smiled–she certainly knew that was not the case.

“Come in,” she said, taking the flowers and giving him his slippers.

John put them on before entering and immediately picked up a scent he could not quite describe.

It could be the scent of food, but it was not entirely that either…

He then glanced at the dining table to find several homemade dishes already waiting–namely grilled
mackerel, vinegar ribs, omelets, mashed potato, and chicken soup.

There was still something cooking in the pan, too.

Cordy had already returned to the kitchen, looking flustered.

John made his way to her, asking, “Do you need my help-”

“Ah!” Cordy suddenly yelped as the oil in the pan erupted with pop, startling her and sending her

John could not help smiling.

She had always looked so calm and cool, and he rarely saw her being so… real!

Still, she quickly said, “No, it’s alright Just wait at the couch for a moment–I’ll be done soon.”

John glanced at the mess in the kitchen and the beef that she had filletted. Along with the condiments
nearby, it was obvious she wanted to make beef tenderloin.

She was willing to challenge herself with a dish that takes precise control of flaming? She certainly was

Worried that he would be bothering her, he turned and left the kitchen, since it was not large enough for
her to hide from him.

And though Cordy almost had a heart attack from the oil popping just now, she eventually finished the
dish after much difficulty.

Though she somehow felt that there was something wrong with the cooking app’s instructions, she
could not quite put her finger on what it was.

Still, she swiftly served the food on the plate and brought it to the table, along with a fork, spoon, and

After that, she took off her apron and left to get changed–she should not be too casual when John was
being so formal.

Nonetheless, as they sat together at the dining table, the atmosphere was just right despite the modest
size of the table.

She even brought him wine, though she stuck with a fizzy drink herself.

“So, is this to celebrate my birthday?”

“Yeah,” Cordy replied, before adding softly, “And to apologize.

The smile John was trying to hide could very much be seen.

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