A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 122

Chapter 122

Zoe had drunk too much with Bob just now, and she was clearly getting sick.

If she had continued, she would be floored soon enough.

“Are you alright?” Cordy asked Zoe, passing Zoe a glass of water. “Don’t chug too much–it’s bad for the

“Thank you,” Zoe replied as she took the glass, saying emotionally and earnestly, “I love you, Cordy.

As Cordy felt her heart skip a beat, Zoe continued, “You remember Quinn, don’t you?”

“Yes. We all had dinner together,” Cordy replied.

“That my bestie, bar none,” Zoe told Cordy. “Though I must announce now that I have another bestie.”

Cordy pursed her lips, feeling a little helpless just then.

She genuinely felt that Zoe liked her, and she was left once again in a dilemma by Zoe’s sincerity.

Cordy turned to look at John, who was drinking with the others, and decided that she would say what
she had to say tonight.

Things were rowdy around the table after they finished dinner, and Bob insisted that they go to a
karaoke bar.

They headed downstairs to the sixteenth floor–the entertainment floor–taking a VIP room for

The elaborately decorated room was not large, and it felt crowded with just the six of them.

Bob, ever the heart of the party, became even more thrilled after drinking.

Once he picked up the microphone, he started to sing and dance without a care.

Zoe, who was buoyed from alcohol as well, tried to snatch the microphone from Bob.

All at once, they were wrestling and playing excitedly like children.

“I can send you home if you’re bored,” John suddenly told Cordy, though he smelled like alcohol

“No.” Cordy shook her head.

Everyone was having fun and John was the main event. How would they enjoy themselves if he left
with her?

“Then tell me if you want to leave,” John said, before murmuring, “I’d like you to know more about my

While Cordy was left taken aback, she watched as James got to his feet and walked over to Jay.

As they started drinking again, it was obvious that Jay was past his limit.

Even as Cordy watched him go to the washroom, he would be pale whenever he returned.

As someone who often went drinking with clients, Cordy certainly knew how a person would keep
vomiting and turning pale after they got drunk.

“Cordy, why don’t you sing us a song since you’re not drinking?” Zoe asked, having stolen the
microphone from Bob and planting herself in the seat next to Cordy’s.

“I can’t…”

“You’ll be bored since you’re not drinking either.” Zoe was really worried.

“Alright, I’ll pick a song. You go drink.” Cordy had to compromise, adding, “Don’t drink too much. You’d
feel sick.”

“Okay, okay…” Zoe replied.

But her body was honest–she was already moving to John’s side.

As Cordy headed over to the karaoke machine, Zoe was leaning against John’s shoulder.

He helped Zoe straighten herself, but he did not push her away despite his slight look of annoyance.

Pursing her lips, Cordy turned to pick the song titled ‘Third Wheel‘.

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