A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 121

Chapter 121

“Sam, why don’t I see Quinn anywhere?” Zoe asked Sam just then.

Bob spoke beside Sam before Sam could. “Have you ever seen her around a dinner where he’s

“Then why would he marry Quinn?” Zoe huffed.

Bob shrugged since he had no idea either. “Ask the man himself.”

Sam grinned nonchalantly. “It’s a political marriage, get it?”

“All men are pigs.” Zoe snorted in disdain.

Even though she was friends with these men because of her cousin, she was firmly on Quinn
Summer’s side when it came to Quinn’s marriage with Sam.

“Now, now, that’s not quite right,” Bob corrected Zoe with righteous indignation. “We three are not like
him. Johnny may have a son, but he’s always been keeping his hands clean instead of messing
around. Jay doesn’t even have a girlfriend–the man could not be more innocent. As for me, it may look
like the ladies flock around me constantly… I’ve actually always refrained from debauchery


“Tch!” Zoe clicked her tongue with contempt.

“You’re really getting disrespectful toward us, y’know?!” Bob snapped.

“It’s not like you can beat me and drink.” Zoe grinned provokingly.

“You bart!” Bob was immediately motivated. “Don’t blame me for being a bully if you get drunk.”

“You worry too much. You never beat me, and now, I have Cordy helping me. Just surrender already!”

“Cordy’s not drinking,” John suddenly said.

Zoe frowned. “Why?”

“Drink all you want. No means no,” John growled.

Zoe was clearly upset by that.

Cordy felt something she could not quite describe as she sat with John, too. She could tell that Zoe
was close with these men, and John must often bring Zoe along when he hung out with his friends.

Naturally, Zoe was going to be unhappy if John sided with Cordy.

As such, Cordy quickly explained, “My ear was hurt. The doctor told me not to drink.”

“Your ear?” Zoe sounded worried.

“It’s not serious. I’ll recover in a few days, though I shouldn’t drink.” Cordy sounded sorry. “I can’t thank
you for backing back then.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Zoe smiled nonchalantly, magnanimous as ever.

It was obvious that Zoe was not up to no good… but could that be why she never suspected John?

Cordy could hardly describe how she felt just then,

Nonetheless, the table soon became lively as Zoe started drinking with Bob and the others–she
certainly was chugging it down.

Cordy thought then that even if Zoe managed to outlast Bob, she would not fare any better.

However, just as she was going to tell Zoe to cut herself some slack, Jay caught Bob’s wrist just as he
and Zoe were going for the next glass. “Stop drinking already.”

“But I’m not drunk yet,” Bob exclaimed in annoyance, even adding excitedly, “I’ll beat her tonight, or

“Or else what? You’d put on a dress and tapdance?” Zoe smiled smugly.

“You little…” Bob was incensed by the provocation, and picked up his glass. “Bottom’s up!”

“Bottom’s up!” Zoe echoed as she chugged her glass.

Jay pursed his lips and told Bob, “If you’re that good a drinker, why don’t you drink with me instead?”

“What, with your level of tolerance? Are you sure about this?” Bob leveled Jay a skeptical look.

“It’s my nephew’s birthday. Why shouldn’t I unwind?” Jay raised a brow.

And with that, they both started to drink eagerly.

After all, while Bob was a frequent drinker, Jay rarely did, taking just a few sips even if Bob tried his
best to push him. It was rare for Jay to be so enthusiastic, so Bob started to drink with him


Zoe burped just then.

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