A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 117

Chapter 117

“Let go of me.”

Cordy shifted her body again to make John move, only for him to suddenly grunt rather sensually.

Cordy promptly stopped moving–even if she was inexperienced, she was more or less educated as an

“Just get off me,” she said, making herself sound as cold as possible.

John swallowed.

There was a flash of emotion in his eyes, but he soon regained composure as he got off her and
immediately went to the washroom.

Cordy did her best to pull herself together, and John soon returned.

However, as she turned toward him, she could not help glancing downward, and she was suddenly

She did not want to look.

But she seemed unable to help it!

She quickly lowered her eyes to the floor–it already took her considerable effort to calm down, but even
her ears were now red!

John, however, was smiling. “I certainly wouldn’t want it to happen, but there are times when it’s just…
out of my control. I hope I didn’t give you too bad an experience, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy was speechless.


She experienced nothing!

And yet, John’s ambiguous wording was clearly intended to lead her thoughts astray!

Naturally, she understood that John was explaining himself.

There were certainly occasions where she was alone with another man, but she got physically sick of
anything too intimate. In fact, she had this feeling that John headed to the washroom

immediately because he did not want her to start puking again.

Still, John changed the subject just then. “So? What did I do just now?”

He probably had no idea why he would find her beneath him when he woke up.

“I saw that you were asleep and I tried to cover you with a blanket since you might get a cold. But I
think you suddenly sleepwalked and pinned me beneath yourself,” Cordy summarized while avoiding
any ambiguous terms.

“Sorry.” John apologized, but Cordy genuinely felt that he was not apologetic as well.

Who on earth smiled so smugly while apologizing?!

It was as if he did something worth being proud of while sleeping!

“Must be a dream,” he explained.

Now that he searched his memory, it was a fragmented dream.

As he pieced everything together, it was the night when he was raped.

So that was why his body reacted.

He heaved a deep sigh just then while Cordy frowned, having sensed that he was not quite innocent

“Do you often do that?” she asked.

“What?” John blurted as he came back to reality.

Then realizing what Cordy asked, he replied, “Not often.”

Cordy was skeptical.

His moves were so smooth he wondered how many women he had done it to before.

“Just you, Ms. Sachs,” John replied.

Cordy, however, was skeptical–he was a Casanova as far as she was concerned, and he could pull so
many moves that she would never win.

“I’ve only ever been intimate with you, Ms. Sachs,” John suddenly added.

Cordy raised a brow, her heart skipping a beat.

Still, she soon calmed down.

Did he forget that he had a son?

Though he was not that good at sweet talking on occasion too…

That was when they heard a knock on the door, and a reluctant Randy Martin entered, bringing dinner.

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