A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 115

Chapter 115

Cordy continued then, saying, “I couldn’t protect myself when I was a child, but that’s not the case now
that I’m older.”

She was assuring John that she could protect herself even though she had no idea why she had to.

Still, she probably thought that he was genuinely worried about her, and there were just a handful of
people in this world who were.

“Does it hurt?” John suddenly asked, studying her cheek that was still slightly swollen.

How much strength did Plum put behind that slap to cause so much swelling?

Cordy appeared taken aback, but she soon shook her head.

It really did not hurt… because this amounted to nothing compared to the things she experienced as a

And while her heart used to hurt because of that, she now understood that the Sachs did not deserve
her tears–not a single drop.

John pursed his lips, and the air around him suddenly seemed to turn chilly.

He was a frightening sight, but Cordy was not afraid because she knew why he was angry.

“I want an apple,” she suddenly said, trying to divert his attention just then.

While John blinked at her, she added, “The apple you peeled before was sweet.”

The chill in the air seemed to fade a little, and he turned toward the plate of fruits on the coffee table.
Picking up the apple and fruit knife that was there as well, he quietly peeled it.

His fingers were long and lean, while his hands seemed so clean…

Cordy quickly turned away.

She was not shy to admit that she was not brave enough at present–after going through so much, she
did not dare to take the risk.

She would rather miss out completely, no matter who it was.

Still, John soon finished peeling and slicing the apple, and he put it in front of her.

Thanks,” she said as she took it, and started to eat slowly.

She never liked fruits before, but now genuinely found that apples tasted good–crisp, sweet, and
pleasant to bite.

“Is it good?” John asked.


“Let me have a taste,” he said.

“…Okay,” she nodded, and picked up her fork, which was ready with another slice she was going to eat

Simon huffed. “She just has to own up to it and apologize.”

“Would she really do it?” Noel asked.

“She must do it,” Simon growled through his teeth. “Or she’s going to jail!”

Back at Cordy’s ward at the hospital, John returned her phone.

“Thank you,” Cordy quietly said after taking it.

He watched her, before walking up to her bed and picking up the patient file next to it.

“Deafness in the right ear?” he asked.

“Temporarily,” Cordy replied.

John raised a brow. “For how long?”

“If it’s like before, a month.”

“Like before“?” John seemed to be an expert at catching keywords.

“Same thing happened when I was a child,” Cordy said flatly. “It lasted just a month.” John clenched his
fingers and his hand shook even as he held the patient file.

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