A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 106

Chapter 106

John’s lips were slightly pursed.

Cordy was even tougher than he imagined.

But what did she have to go through to gain such perseverance?

As his long fingers tapped on his phone screen for a while and finished drafting the message, he
hesitated to send it.

He more or less understood now why Cordy would keep him at arm’s reach.

After experiencing the sheer cruelty of her reality, she would never come to trust anyone easily.

John’s phone suddenly started ringing just then, and he answered it impatiently after glancing at the
caller ID.

“Bob,” he growled.

“Did you see the livestream of Cordy Sachs‘ press conference?!” Bob Davis exclaimed excitedly.

“I did.”

“Holy sh*t! That slap in the face was as clean as it was devastating! I actually think I’m in love now.

John started to scowl right then, even as Bob continued happily. “By the way, are you hitting it off with
her yet? We saw you stand up for her during your grandfather’s birthday banquet, but it’s like nothing
has come of that ever since. So? What’s going on between you two? If you still can’t seal the deal,
you’d find an eager volunteer in me-”

“I was just having dinner with your dad the other day,” John suddenly said. “He told me about his plans
to send you abroad for further studies, and was asking which university would be best for you.”

“I’m so sorry, boss. I’m just sayin‘, y’know?” Bob quickly said. “I’d never covet a brother’s wife.”

Bob hated studying the most–getting a local university degree nearly killed him, and he would die
before having to get a doctorate from a foreign university!

“Anyway, I was just calling about your birthday,” Bob said, changing the subject right then. You’ll be 28
in a couple days, so why don’t you come out and celebrate with your brothers?”

John glanced at the calendar on his desk.

The day after tomorrow, huh?

“Why don’t you let me make the arrangements?” Bob pressed urgently. “You’re always busy, old man,
so just leave the trivial stuff with idling young ‘uns like me.”

“Sure,” John replied, giving his agreement just then.

Bob was actually stunned.

Since when had John become so agreeable?

Maybe he was in a good mood because Cordy gave a good showing today?

“Well, that’s decided. I won’t disturb you at the office now,” Bob said.

Bob promptly hung up at that, and texted the group chat of their gang of four that he will be organizing
John’s birthday, so that John could not renege on his word.

John ignored it, while the other two texted back noncommittal responses.

Blinking, John turned back to his conversation with Cordy, deleting the text before typing a new one
and sending it.

[Free up your schedule for the day after tomorrow. It’s my birthday–let’s have dinner together.]

Cordy was in her office, staring at the text from John.

She thought he would mention the press conference since he was the one who gave her the

And now that she thought about it, he did mention his birthday before.

Moreover, the subtext in John’s message was that if she wanted to repay him, she should have

that dinner with him and celebrate his birthday.

Pursing her lips, she sent a single–worded reply.


John’s lips curled upward immediately when he saw it.

Randy was beside him, watching.

Although he did not see the content of their conversation, the look on John’s face said it all!

The boss was clearly being spoiled by the missus again!

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