A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 109

Chapter 109

“Kyle Jessop, no wicked deeds ever go unpunished!”

And with that, Cordy hung up, not wanting to waste her time with Kyle any further.

Kyle’s phone was shaking even as he held Mandy’s phone.

He was not about to stop after what Cordy did to him!

And yet, the priority right now was to stop the media from publishing more damning content on him…
and he certainly could tell how terrible they were going to be even without reading anything yet.

Even so, there was no way he could try to defend himself in front of the media. The more he spoke, the
worse the coverage would turn out to be.

As such, his only option was to keep a low profile and let everything cool off.

But if it did not…

Kyle narrowed his eyes.

It seemed that he would have used another headline to snuff out all the content condemning him.

Noel locked herself in her office after the press conference, crying a storm.

She had never been that humiliated ever since she was a child–and in front of the whole nation at that!

She did not even dare to check out the news and see what they were saying about her. Even if she
always had a stout mindset since she was a child, she probably would suffer a mental breakdown if she
checked out the news now.

The door suddenly opened, and she promptly snapped, “I told you not to mess with me-”

She looked up, thinking that it was her secretary, only to see that Sue Yorkman and Plum Lang had

Since Noel had always been the delicate type, her tear–drenched cheeks only make her appear even
more vulnerable and sympathetic.

And upon seeing her allies, she started bawling, getting off her office chair and diving into Plum’s arms.
“I’m so sorry, Grandma… It was my fault, I brought shame to our family. I didn’t think sis would ignore
our sisterhood to humiliate me, and our family…”

Even as a child, Noel always had Plum’s favor, and she knew how to manipulate Plum.

For Plum’s part, she never cared about fairness, let alone principles. She would side with anyone who
fawned over her, and everyone was absolutely forbidden from bringing shame down upon the family
name, even if their cause was just.

As such, Noel knew all too well that Plum was not here to scold her, but to scold Cordy instead.

To no surprise, Plum patted Noel on the back, comforting her before saying, “Take me to Cordy.”

“Grandma,” Noel murmured. “Sis doesn’t mean to. She must be very sad that she and Kyle broke up,
which is why she lost her cool and burnt all bridges. You shouldn’t-”

“That’s my business,” Plum said, cutting Noel short right then. “Ju

st take me to her!”

“Okay,” Noel murmured meekly while sneaking Sue a look.

Sue returned her gaze, and they both smiled evilly, understanding each other tacitly right then.

As they arrived at Cordy’s office, Vince Cartman quickly strode up to them when he noticed their


“Who are you looking for?” he asked, even as he tried to stop them.

Plum simply ignored him and opened the door directly.

As Cordy looked up and saw Vince trying to stop them, she gave him a look.

With that, Vince left and quietly closed the door behind himself.

That was when Plum strode angrily toward Cordy, who was surprised Plum would come knocking on
her door.

Naturally, she was not naive enough to believe that Plum would stand on the side of justice. Plum only
ever sided with Noel!

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