A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 110

Chapter 110


Cordy’s eyes narrowed as Plum’s slap landed squarely on her face, leaving a distinctly red palm print
on her fair cheek.

“You shameless b*tch! How could you do this to your own sister?!” Plum snapped at her right after that.
“How can she or our family show our faces in public now?! How did we ever raise a swine like you,

Cordy simply pursed her lips seven as she felt the burning sting on her cheek.

Many unpleasant memories abruptly appeared in her mind at the same time.

She had been alone and helpless since her mother died.

On the other hand, Noel won Simon and Plum’s favor in every way, and abused Cordy however she

As a child, Cordy was not good at resisting, and she had to just bear with it most of the time. Even if
Simon or Plum knew that Noel was the one at fault, Cordy would be punished anyway.

There was even a time when Plum locked her up, denying her food or drink for two days.

She had been slapped before by Plum too–just like now, with every ounce of strength she had.

She had been a kid back then, and the sheer force left her floored and deaf in one ear for a month.

She was constantly made to stand or kneel outside the house–it was her fault whenever Noel. started
crying, because she was the older sister who did not let Noel have whatever she wanted.

For the longest time, she never understood why.

Eventually, she did.

From the very beginning, Cordy and her mother had never been accepted by the Sachs!

That family would never do anything to her while Cordy’s mother was alive, because the survival of
Sachs Enterprises was in Cordy’s mother’s hands.

Although Cordy’s mother had personally brought prosperity to that company and elevated them to the
status of elites in North City, none of them thanked her for her diligence. Instead, they found her too
authoritative, denying their family any dignity in public!

As such, when Cordy’s mother died in an accident and Sachs Enterprises fell into the Sachs‘ hands,
they finally revealed their ugly nature. They certainly did not wait to vent all the perceived grievances
they suffered under Cordy’s mother on Cordy herself.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Weren’t you so eloquent in front of the press just now?!” Plum
snapped, her voice shrill and loud like a fishwife.

“I don’t talk to criminals.” Cordy’s tone was neutral.

She was so calm as if she was never yelled at or slapped–if not for that ridiculous palm print on her

Plum began, “What are you talking about-”

Cordy, however, had already brought her phone out and made a call. “Hello, is this the police? Yes, I’m
calling a report a physical assault on myself with malicious intent, and my safety is also being
threatened. Please send someone over right away to the board chairman office of Starstream Group-

Plum promptly snatched her phone away, cursing, “You crazy b*tch! Calling the cops?! That’s why
you’re no better than livestock! You don’t deserve a mother, and that’s why she died!”

Cordy clenched her fist as she stared coolly at Plum’s vile, savage face.

The same face that left her with so much childhood trauma!

“For me, the worst thing in my life is that my last name is Sachs!” Cordy shot back.

“Cordy Sachs…!” Plum howled at her, livid.

Nonetheless, Cordy continued. “If I could speak to my mother, I’d advise her so that your rotten family
doesn’t get to abuse her!”

“You think she’s all that noble?! Your mother was lucky to marry into our family!” Plum spat heinously.
“Do you think she could’ve done that if she didn’t strip herself naked to seduce my son?! You’re both

Cordy’s knuckles were clenched pale white.

was not as if she did not dare to hit Plum–she just did not want to let Plum off that easy!

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