A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 108

Chapter 108

Cordy sneered. “You made me do it, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t think that you were investigating me in secret!” Kyle growled viciously. “Don’t you ever tell me
again you trusted me unconditionally. We’re the same–get off your high horse!”

“Don’t try to pull me down to your standards, Kyle. You’re far beneath me,” Cordy retorted coolly.” And I
never asked for those photos.”

“What, are you saying you didn’t ask someone to get them for you?! Do you think I’d believe-”

“Don’t think for a second everyone else is despicable just because you are!” Cordy cut him short right
then. “There are plenty of good people in this world–people who stand up for justice and who are utterly
repulsed by your behavior! That’s why someone took photos of you cheating on me, because they
could not stand watching you brazenly fool around with my sister while I worked myself to death for
Jessop Corp!”

Kyle’s hand was shaking even as he held his phone.

Who was it? Who could have betrayed him?!

“Don’t ask me who it is. The photos were sent to me anonymously just after the fire at our wedding.
They were warning me because they could not stand your behavior.”

Cordy used to be so foolish she never doubted Kyle before. Someone must have found her too naive
and losing so much for his sake, that they would take those photos quietly for her use as evidence.

She never tried to find out who it was, but it must be someone from Jessop Corp–someone who could
not afford to offend Kyle. That was why they struggled for so long and finally sent her those photos

when her wedding was ruined.

Naturally, they could also be concerned that she was too in love to leave Kyle, and instead accuse
them of duplicity.

In that case, anonymity was the best protection for both parties.

When Cordy received those photos, she had definitely wanted to show them to the world, decimating
Kyle and Noel’s reputation and subjecting them to scorn of everyone else.

But in the end, she decided to spare them.

Who knew if they might genuinely be in love, after all?

And yet, a person’s kindness would not be responded to in kind, just as there were those people who
did not know how to be grateful.

That was why they deserved the ignominy of falling from grace.

“Going too far only ever blows up in your face, Kyle!” Cordy finished.

Kyle simply ignored her and demanded, “How did you get the recording of me talking to those

He was certainly dissatisfied because he knew how much Cordy trusted him while they were still in a
relationship. She must have asked for those photos!

And he certainly could not accept that Cordy had anticipated those calls he would make to the chief

“To be honest, I’d never believe you’d be that rotten even with everything you did, or that you’d want to
take everything from me, especially after what you did to me!” Cordy snapped, her tone laced with


Her opinion of him had already hit rock bottom before, only for it to sink further.

And she was certainly impressed with John’s powers of clairvoyance–if he did not give those chief
editors a head’s up beforehand, they would never have gotten that recording of Kyle.

Without a recording, her retaliation against Kyle and Noel would only be half as effective! Nonetheless,
Cordy came clean this time. “John Levine gave me those.”

In the end, no matter how high and mighty Kyle was, he could not lay a finger on the scion of Levine

The gap between their respective wealths and statuses was just insurmountable, and telling Kyle would
only leave him kicking himself!

In reality, Kyle already had a hunch that it was John too, because Cordy would never be that influential.

John, on the other hand, certainly was.

Be that as it may, to really hear it from Cordy left him in disbelief.

She was second–hand goods! How did she manage to latch on to that man?

Kyle had been convinced that Cordy was just a short–term amusement to John.

He absolutely could not accept that she got a man better than himself–and after breaking up with him!

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