A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 104

Chapter 104

Cordy had no intention of letting Noel weasel away out of her guilt–certainly not in front of the press.

“Cheaters and mistresses don’t deserve forgiveness,” she declared sonorously, enunciating every

And it was certainly true.

There was a reason behind anything, but not cheating!

Noel bit her lip right then.

Naturally, she knew that her appeal was not going to fly with Cordy, so she let her eyes well with tears
again and she sobbed. “I know you’re still upset, sis. But I believe blood is thicker than water, and time
would heal all wounds.”

“Blood is thicker than water?!

“Hold on, that is kind of true. Blood could occasionally be filthier than water!”

“Noel Sachs, how do you still have the cheek to talk like that?! Blood is thicker than water?! You don’t
want to hurt your sisterly bond?!” One of the journalists shouted right then, unable to stand the sheer
hypocrisy. “Granted, even if it was as you have said–that right and wrong doesn’t matter in love–you’re
the one who deliberately leaked those photos of your own sister to slander her. Don’t you feel ashamed
at all?!”

“I never framed her!” Noel quickly denied it. “I don’t know about those photos of my sister at all. I’ve
always felt guilty toward her and wanted the best for her. Why would I try to hurt her? That’s why I

stayed at Starstream Group–to help my sister lead the company to new heights, to make up for what I
owe her.”

Noel certainly doubted Cordy could present evidence that she was the one who leaked the photos.

Kyle was the one who did it, and he would never betray her.

Forget that he was still in love with her–they were now on the same boat, and Kyle was not that


Even so, the journalists were dead set that it was Noel.

“Who would it be, if not you?!”

“You’re willing to do anything just to take Kyle Jessop for yourself!”

“I’ve heard that Simon Sachs, the former board chairman of Starstream Group, was planning to hand
leadership over to you, Noel. You’re just planning to use this crisis to oust Cordy, aren’t you?!”

Noel started to panic again as the journalists hit the bull’s eye, and she promptly denied it. “Why would
I want to do that? I would never take Starstream for myself because I know my sister’s mother left it for
her. Everyone also knows that I was the one who designed the autumn collection. of Starstream
Fashion–why would I work so hard on those designs if I wanted Starstream for myself?”

Then, turning with an earnest look at Cordy, she pleaded, “You have to believe me, sis. It really

wasn’t me.”

If Cordy did not know the extent of Noel’s deceitful nature, she almost would have believed that Noel
was innocent.

Naturally, she did not respond to Noel. Instead, she whipped out her phone and played a recording.

Her phone was already connected to the meeting’s room Bluetooth speakers, and the conference room
could hear the recording as it started playing.

[Hello, I’m Kyle Jessop… Yes, I would like you to instruct your journalists to provide some ‘extra
service‘ at the press conference tomorrow.]

[Are you saying that we shouldn’t trouble Cordy Sachs too much, Mr. Jessop?]

Cordy was naturally thoughtful enough to edit the other man’s voice with autotune, so that the witness
would not come under criticism.

And following the man’s question, Kyle Jessop quickly told him: [No. In fact, I want you to do the exact

The other man was silent, clearly surprised, while Kyle continued: [You heard me right. Rest assured, I
will send my tokens of gratitude after tomorrow.]

There were plenty of other similar recordings, but Cordy stopped at just two.

“I won’t play the rest, so as to not waste everyone’s time,” she said.

And once again, the conference room was in an uproar.

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