A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 94

Chapter 94

In the end, they were just strangers who made a passing acquaintance.

“I’ll enforce a press gag as soon as possible. Send me your account number-I’ll wire any amount of
capital you’re short of,” John eventually said, but his neutral voice obscured any emotion he felt. “I have
a PR time specializing on crisis mitigation who’s abroad at the moment, but I’ll have them fly here by
tomorrow morning. Just spare some time, and I’ll’arrange for a meeting.”

Cordy bit her lip.

She actually did not yearn for any help from anyone at this time-especially after all that she had been

Back when she was just eighteen, she had been mocked and ridiculed.

No one stood up for her, and her own biological father considered her such an embarrassment that he
could not wait to send her abroad, so as to not have his reputation tarnished in turn.

This was the exact same situation, and everyone could not wait to cut ties from her…

That was, everyone except John and Zoe.

Confusion showed in Cordy’s eyes just then, as she almost could not make up her mind on her
relationship with John now.

Even so, she said, “It’s fine. I can manage.”

“Am I not worthy of your trust?” John asked icily, putting pressure on every word.

Cordy’s heart skipped a bit, but she bit her lip and said, “No, you’re not.”

She believed that since nothing would ever come out of a relationship with him, she had no reason to
give each other hope.

On the other end, John’s fingers were clenching.

Randy Martin was right beside him, obviously sensing his flaring temper which would soon erupt like a
volcano and catch him in the fallout.

“I won’t trust anyone beyond myself ever again,” Cordy added then with a determined tone. “I
appreciate your gesture, Mr. Levine, but I shall handle my own crisis-I don’t want you to get caught in
some unnecessary trouble for my sake.”

As John glowered, she finished, “I still have a meeting to attend. I’m hanging up now.”

And with that, Cordy hung up on him.

Even as John stared at the words ‘call ended’ on his phone screen, Randy thought that John’s face
was darker than said screen.

He suddenly wanted to just disappear, but in the end, Cordy had undoubtedly spurned John’s

The instant the scandalous expose on Cordy made headlines, John had promptly gone into crisis
management mode. He immediately contacted every media outlet, offering favors if he did not

have leverage just so that they would take down any articles on Cordy.

When that was done, he did not pause and swiftly contacted that PR team he mentioned so that they
would make the trip to North City by next morning, along with a plan to resolve the crisis as they

After that, he called Zoe, telling her and her management company that they were not to do anything
that could make Cordy look bad, even siding with Cordy unconditionally. If Randy could be honest
there, the man’s demand was more cruel than human!

And lastly, he contacted the bank, confirming the current amount of his personal movable capital before
calling Cordy.

He had clearly calmed himself down when he made the call too, perhaps out of worry that his tone
might rub her wrong. Heaven knows how tense that he must have been-he was almost snapping that
golden fountain pen in his right hand.

And yet… All he got was that cool rejection.

His heart must have shattered into flat, two-dimensional mosaic pieces.

“Actually, sir… isn’t it likely that Mrs. Levine was convinced that she can resolve this crisis herself, and
therefore can afford to turn you down?” Randy asked gingerly just then.

As John blinked, Randy explained, “I think she had always been outstanding and rational. She’d never
play around with Starstream Group, the only inheritance she got from her mother. That’s why you
shouldn’t feel let down, sir.”

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