A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 93

Chapter 93

Gary Bryant, the head of the sales department, rushed into Cordy’s office just then, clearly agitated.

“Ms. Sachs…”

As Cordy lowered her phone to look at him, he cried, “What should we do, Ms. Sachs? Every customer
is now demanding a refund and the physical retail stores are crowded with them. All malls nationwide
are also complaining to us, demanding that we produce a solution.”

“Ms. Sachs!” Tim Hardy, the head of purchasing, soon rushed inside as well. “We have multiple
suppliers demanding payment, or they would sue!”

“Ms. Sachs, our customer service department is really falling apart. The lines are all busy, and none of
the customers are listening to us…”

Cordy pursed her lips as she looked at her anxious executives. “I’ll hold a meeting in ten minutes.
Everyone must be there-I will be presenting a comprehensive solution to this crisis. You all may go

“Yes, Ms. Sachs,” they replied, and left despite their worry.

If this situation continued and their autumn collection failed to sell at all, Starstream Group’s finances
would start to stall and they would face bankruptcy in the long run.

Cordy continued to scroll through the news and noticed that Zoe was affected by the scandal, since
she was the brand ambassador of Starstream Fashion.

There were people flaming her on Twitter for taking just any job-for being willing to do anything just for
the money.

All at once, she was caught in the eye of the storm, with people taking to boycotting any project she
was involved in.

Given the immense repercussions, she called Zoe, who soon answered. “Hey, Cordy.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this to hurt you so much,” Cordy said earnestly. “Anyway, you can announce
through the official channels that you’re severing your endorsement deal with us. You will have my full
cooperation in getting you through this PR crisis.”

“Who do you take me for, Cordy Sachs? A turncoat who doesn’t care about loyalty?” Zoe snapped, a
little angry just then. “I know you were set up, and don’t worry-I can hold my own. I have so many fans,
and I won’t miss those bandwagoners. Just focus on getting through this PR crisis yourself, and call me
if you need me. I’m ready to help anytime.”

Cordy was actually stunned.

At the moment, everyone was only too eager to cut ties with her, while a public figure like Zoe would be
affected worse than most!

“Also, my dear brother just called me-”

“It’s time for your scene, Zoe!” someone called out from the other end.

“Sorry, I have to go, I still have some scenes to shoot. Anyway, just focus on your own end. Don’t mind

With that, Zoe quickly hung up.

Even so, Cordy was more or less emotional.

When one was alone and helpless, a single voice of support offered great warmth.

She rose to her feet then, but her phone rang again before she could head to the conference room.

When she saw the caller ID showing John’s name, she was left with a myriad of emotions.

She had no idea why he would call her now, since they had not been in touch for a while.

Still, she hesitated for a moment before answering it.

Both of them were silent for seconds.

“I have a meeting,” Cordy eventually said, convinced that they had nothing to talk about.

There were times when explanations would never trump hearsay, just as she was not actually obliged
to offer one.

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