A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 91

Chapter 91

Kyle calmed down right then. “What do you mean?”

Even so, Noel still looked annoyed, as Kyle’s mockery and outburst left her utterly disgruntled.

She used to bear with his outbursts because she wanted him.

Now that she had zero interest in him, all he said only filled her with spite.

“Sorry I got a little emotional, Noel,” Kyle said, naturally noticing that he had been too harsh, quickly
turning mild-mannered as he could clearly tell that Noel had a plan. “Please understand-I’m just worried
that you’re still helping your sister after she used you.”

While Noel was not that understanding, she did not get petty since Kyle was still useful to her.” You
see, since Starstream Fashion is now wildly popular, every article on them is positive, with the media
and netizens flattering them to no end. But if a scandal suddenly hits at this juncture, do you really think
Starstream Fashion would retain their popularity? In fact, I expect a dramatic turn of the tide.”

Though Kyle quickly understood the plan, he asked, “But is there a scandal involving Starstream
Group? There was that shuffle of personnel, but I don’t think it’d gain traction.”

“Starstream Group may not be involved in any scandals… but my sister sure is.

“What scandal?” Kyle was abruptly wary, and quickly added, “I’m not going to throw my reputation
away here. It’d be a pyrrhic victory!”

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Obviously, he cared a lot about maintaining appearances, and he was worried that Noel would use his
relationship with Cordy as fuel for a scandal.

No matter what happened, he did not want anyone to catch any dirt on him!

“Relax, Kyle. Of course I won’t let your reputation be tarnished-anyway, do you remember the photos I
sent you before?” Noel asked.

Kyle thought about it, and soon realized what she was referring to. “You mean…”

“My sister’s reputation would be completely destroyed when those photos go public. Granted, it’s never
been good, but it’d just give the photos more traction.”

Kyle was still hesitant, because it was a little despicable if he sent those photos.

“Sleep on it, Kyle. Actually, I would never have suggested it at all… if it wasn’t for the sake of Jessop
Corp, especially when you’ve worked so hard to revive it,” Noel said good-naturedly. ” Anyway, I’m
hanging up now-

“It’s all Cordy’s own fault,” Kyle suddenly said.

Noel was grinning vilely right then.

When his personal gain was on the line, Kyle was absolutely unsentimental, even if he did feel guilty
toward Cordy.

Still, Noel told Kyle, “There’s no rush, Kyle. Let Starstream Fashion keep their hype for a few days”

“Why?” Kyle asked-that would mean Jessop Corp’s sales would be affected even more.

“Given the current situation, Cordy would definitely press production to increase their production rate,
which adds to the costs. But if sales suddenly stop and they fail to cover the costs, Starstream Group

finances would stagnate and my sister would have to sell her shares in exchange for capital. However,
no other company would buy her shares or help once her reputation is utterly ruined, and when that
happens, I can tell my father to buy all her shares, seizing the opportunity to reclaim Starstream.”

Kyle’s eyes twinkled following Noel’s explanation.

She had always seemed so delicate, so he was certainly surprised to find her capable of being so
calculative and so thorough.

And the thought that Cordy would soon lose everything left him even more excited, so he hastily said,
“Let’s go with your plan, Noel. I’ll help you anyway I can.”

“Okay,” Noel cooed.

“And once this is over, let’s announce our engagement,” Kyle added earnestly..

At the same time, he would praise Noel’s show of wit on this occasion publicly.

“That would have to wait. If we want to cause a scandal for Cordy, we can’t mention our

relationship at all, or she’d use it against us. When that happens, we would lose way more than what
we gain.

“Okay.” Kyle agreed to it immediately.

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