A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 87

Chapter 87

John had been constantly texting Cordy before he got discharged.

While he did not ask her to visit him before he left the hospital, he was talking about everything else.
That includes asking if she was busy, as well as offhandedly and casually mentioning that he could get
discharged since the doctors told him that he was recovering well.

He was really doing everything he could just to get her here to see him.

Still, his efforts were not wasted on Cordy as she actually came to the hospital early in the morning.

Randy Martin was busy with paperwork, packing up and everything else.

On the other hand, John had changed out of his patient garb into a casual light blue shirt, with slim- cut
outdoor pants beneath. It was less prim and formal than his usual suit and tie, but it painted him with a
carefree elegance while retaining his usual good looks.

But as he sat on the couch, still as a pond, he was glowering….

That was, until Cordy’s arrival.

Randy was certainly rejoicing over her graciousness-he absolutely had no idea what abuse was in
store for him if she never came.

And the instant she appeared, his boss’ frosty expression was suddenly as warm as summer.

“Are you done packing?” Cordy asked Randy.

“More or less,” Randy quickly replied. “Hendy’s waiting in the parking lot too. Mr. Levine can get
discharged now.”

John nodded slightly, but was otherwise not moving.

Cordy frowned.

Did John not just receive a clean bill of health? Why was he not getting to his feet?!

Still, she waited for Randy to help John up, but Randy was tactful enough to flee as if he never noticed.

Was she having a laugh? He would be dead if he did that!

And with that, Cordy had no choice but to help John to his feet, who quickly pressed his full weight on

He was as heavy as an elephant!

Still, she gritted her teeth and helped him walk all the way to his Maybach, which drove them to
Chateau Emporio.

The journey was exceedingly quiet, and Randy was forced to clear the air when he caught that look
from John as he rode shotgun.

But that was John’s own missus! Was he unable to woo her himself?!

“Ms. Sachs, it’s on the news that you just signed on Zoe York as your brand ambassador.”

“Oh, right,” Cordy nodded, though she seemed to be glancing at John as she spoke.

He appeared perfectly calm, and when he turned toward her after noticing her look, she had already
turned away.

“You have a good eye, Ms. Sachs. Zoe is as beautiful as she is fashionable. There’s no better
candidate for a brand ambassador,” Randy quickly added.

Since he was at once praising Cordy’s insight and Zoe’s good looks, he certainly was killing two birds
with one stone-complimenting the two most important women in John’s life!

He almost wanted to pat himself on the back!

“Don’t you agree, boss?” he asked just then, seizing the moment to fawn over John.

John glanced at Randy before commenting, “Zoe York does have good genes.”

Randy stared at his boss through the rearview mirror for a while, utterly speechless.

The man should be acknowledging Cordy’s business acumen before flattering her by saying that she
was more beautiful than Zoe, let alone brag about his family’s genes!

Randy finally understood why John was having no progress with the missus after so long-in fact, it
would be weird if he managed to woo her!

Meanwhile, Cordy frowned at John’s words. So… he had already met Zoe’s parents?

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