A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 80

Chapter 80

Cordy had just sent her text when a reply came almost instantly.


Cordy could not help smiling.

It was as if John had been waiting for her text, and she could almost imagine the look on his face.

While her heart was not sent fluttering, her lips were still curling upward from habit.

She replied: [It’s late, and you’re a patient. Sleep early, wake up early.]

Once she was done, she called Walter to take her to the hospital.

She had no idea when it started, but she was not that stiff toward him now.

In the car, she was staring at the phone which never jingled.

He could really be petty sometimes.

After she arrived at the hospital, Cordy tried to be as quiet as she could as she entered John’s ward.

If he was obedient enough and fell asleep, she would rather not disturb him.

However, there was no one in the hospital bed within that dark bedroom.

Cordy was frowning when she suddenly heard movement from the bathroom, and she turned toward it
just as the door suddenly swung open.

She was left staring at the man who was dripping wet stepping outside.

He was topless, his hair was drenched, and he only had a white towel around his waist that barely
covered anything.

Cordy’s whole body stiffened.

She never expected to see John like this…

She could almost describe it as picturesque-she would not deny that he was easier on the eyes than
the models she had worked with before.

John was surprised by her sudden arrival too.

He was under the impression that she was not coming after receiving her text, so he did not wait for
her, taking a bath and preparing to go to bed instead.

As he watched her staring fixedly at his perfect figure, he smiled alluringly. “See anything you like, Ms.

Cordy came to her senses right then, her face flushing immediately.

She was actually staring so much at his body!

She quickly turned his back on him, though John’s mood had visibly improved.

Nonchalant, he stepped one foot out of the bathroom in his soaking wet slippers and immediately

Cordy immediately noticed the awkward angle of his posture, but she did not hesitate to rush forward
and help him.

All she could think at that very moment was that she must stop him from falling because he was
already injured.

It never occurred to her that John would be too heavy-that she could not help him regain his balance at

Hence, in the very next instant, both of them fell to the floor with a dull thud.

Cordy had tried to cushion his fall by positioning herself beneath John, because she was really afraid
that he would get hurt again, but she did not expect him to shield her head and back with his hands so
she would fall on him instead.

“Mr. Levine?!”

Both of them were startled as Randy suddenly opened the door with a loud bang.

Then, he stood at the doorway for a couple seconds, stiffening, before fleeing on the third.

My god… The boss had actually jumped the missus!

Still, he certainly must admit that after seeing both of them skirting around each other for so long, even
an onlooker like him was getting impatient.

Naturally, getting right down to business had always been effective since time immemorial.

However, Randy was suddenly back in the room again, appearing ready to suffer the worst as he cried,
“Mr. Levine, the doctors said that your kidneys were injured, so you mustn’t let loose too much!”

“Please continue!” he added, before fleeing again.

John’s face was dark-his kidneys were perfectly fine!

Beneath him, Cordy could not help giggling softly-Randy could be really dense at times. Still, it was
fortunate that Randy came when he did, since it effectively eased the awkwardness between her and

“Can you get up?” Cordy asked just then-John was as heavy as chunks of steel, and she almost could
not breathe with him on top of her.

“Yeah,” he replied, slowly getting off her albeit with much difficulty.

As they rose to their feet, the proximity between them more or less left them hyperventilating and the
very air around them stiffened as they got up.

That was when she saw with perfect clarity that his towel was on the floor, along with his… John felt the
breeziness as well, just as he saw Cordy clasping her hand over her mouth.

But just as he thought she would scream, she suddenly turned and dashed into the bathroom, after
which retching could be heard within.

The retching was not stopping, and it actually left John doubting his existence.

It was after a long while until Cordy finally stepped outside.

She did not want to do it, but she just could not control herself.

On the other hand, John was already in bed, having put on his patient garb and buttoned up to his

Cordy actually felt how tight it was even as she looked at him.

Slowly making her way to his bed, she decided to go with the plan she came up with in the bathroom:
she would just pretend that nothing happened.

“Did you hurt your arm?” she asked casually.

“No,” John replied. “Just my pride.”

Speechless for a moment, she said, “It’s late, I should go. I still have work tomorrow, and there’s a lot of
work to do at Starstream lately.”

“I’ll be discharged in three days,” John reminded her then.

“That’s fast. It hasn’t even been two weeks, right? Are your doctors allowing you to leave?” Cordy


“I wasn’t that hurt anyway.”

Cordy narrowed her eyes-who was the one who kept complaining that it hurt a lot on the first day?!

“You’re coming to visit when I leave, right?” John asked nonetheless.

“Yeah, I’ve told Randy already. Did he not tell you?”

“Just checking,” John replied nonchalantly. “Your word isn’t golden, after all.”

Cordy pursed her lips, but she could not say anything against that.

After all, she certainly did not take care of him every day.

“You should leave soon. Get some sleep,” John said, letting her leave for once.

Still, it was certainly very late, and he understood that Cordy had been very busy lately.

There were times when he thought he would die from overwork when he first started to work at Levine
Ventures’ foreign branch.

“Okay, I’m going now. Bye.”

Cordy certainly did not hesitate to turn and leave, as if worried that she would waste another second.

John watched from behind as she strode off and he sighed feebly.

It was not like he could change his looks!

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