A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Noel was in shambles.

It took her great difficulty to finally send the disgruntled employees congesting her office away.
However, just as she prepared to leave work, Hank intercepted her at the door!

Flinging his cellphone straight at her desk, he bellowed, “Noel Sachs! I’ve been completely loyal and
did everything your father and you asked of me! But now, I’m losing my job just because Cordy Sachs
said so?! You better explain yourself, or I’m not letting you out this door!”

Left utterly terrified by Hank’s outburst, Noel scrambled to get her phone and ask for help.

However, even though she could unlock her phone, Hank snatched it out of her hands.

“Calm down, Mr. Rogers!” Noel quickly tried to calm him down. “I really didn’t know you would be
shuffled, and I have no idea why my sister did it. She never told me about it beforehand, and I would’ve
stopped her if I knew-”

“Quit lying to me! I finally got it now… It’s all a conspiracy by your family!” Hank snarled viciously,
completely refusing to listen to Noel. “I’ve always thought that your family were at odds with Cordy, and
that you and Simon were going to topple her… But I was too naive! You’re family, and family naturally
sides with family! You were all just working together to reform all of Starstream!” “How could you
believe that, Mr. Rogers? Cordy basically stole Starstream from us,” Noel reasoned. “My father and I
really wanted her out. We’d never support her, because we want to take back everything that was

“Enough!” Hank yelled, cutting her short. “I’ve been watching you and Cordy for a long time now-l
should have suspected that you were conspiring together! She had you go to her office alone, and she

even asked you to keep it a secret after the meeting. It was about the shuffle, no?! And then there’s
Fabian Locke and Dean Longman-Simon himself forced them to leave, they did not resign on their
own! They were his confidants, but he abandoned them just like that! I finally see your family’s true
colors now!”

“Mr. Rogers, you’ve really misunderstood. It was all Cordy’s trap. She deliberately caused this
misunderstanding between everyone and me, my father…”

“Misunderstanding?!” Hank laughed coldly. “If it is so, why would she appoint you as CEO and let you
take control over production? She knows how important production is at this stage-do you think she’d
let you take charge if she doesn’t really trust you?! And she’s just 25 years old! Do you think she can
come this far alone without Simon controlling her behind the scenes?!”

“We didn’t expect those moves from her either!” Noel cried, absolutely frustrated when Hank mentioned

Cordy had certainly caused misunderstandings that she and Noel were cordial when she appointed
Noel as CEO, even lying that Noel was the one who came up with Starstream’s fashion designs for the
next season. And now, just after forcing Simon to dismiss Fabian and Dean, she gave Noel yet another
important job!

Every move had been strategically immaculate!

And yet, people still had yet to pick up on Cordy’s true intentions: to drive a rift between Simon and the
company’s heads of departments and executives by making them feel that they could not depend on

Then, after she made a demonstration of Hank by shuffling him out of his position, everyone would feel
the pressure to follow Starstream Group’s new direction!

In fact, Noel could even predict now that no one would even listen to her or her father after this while
Cordy took full control of Starstream Group, claiming full authority over it!

To make things worse, Noel and Simon would be the ones suffering all the consequences of Cordy’s
move… while Cordy herself would get away with all of it scot-free!

“No more excuses, Noel! This is my final warning-reappoint me as head of HR, or I’ll destroy your and
Simon even if it kills me!”

And with that, Hank kicked the door open on his way out, leaving Noel shaking with rage!

She had always been the one to bully Cordy ever since they were children, not the other way round!

She would repay every indignation she suffered today a hundredfold!

The shuffle of personnel at Starstream Group caused a minor disturbance within their circle of
influence. However, it did not draw the attention of the major enterprises since Starstream was not that

Meanwhile, at North City Central Private Hospital…

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