A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 77

Chapter 77

Be that as it may, none of the heads of departments and executives believed that Cordy was stupid
after working for her for a while.

But before they could go on wild speculations about Cordy’s thought process, she proceeded to the
next agenda. “It has been over two months since I’ve come to Starstream, and thanks to everyone’s
help-especially my sister Noel-I’m now familiar with the company’s operations and management. For
that, I thank everyone here.”

No one applauded her-not even Noel-even if Cordy was clearly being nice to her.

Even so, Cordy continued nonchalantly. “Having grown to learn about this company, I’ve also noticed
certain glitches, which naturally means that we need to fix it. As such, I’m announcing a complete
shuffle of positions-and that includes everyone here.”

Her words sent the conference room in an uproar.

Shuffling positions was a huge deal, but Cordy said it as if it meant nothing!

“And now, I will present the list of personnel to be shuffled-of course, if anyone here has an opinion,
you may discuss it in private with me or the CEO. For those who aren’t on this list, I must ask you to
offer your department’s subordinates assurances, while liaising with shuffled personnel to take over any
tasks they have on hand, so as to not affect the company’s operations.”

With that, Cordy operated the projector as she read the list of shuffled personnel.

“Hank Rogers is hereby relinquished as director of human resources, while his deputy takes his place.
He will be working as the supervisor of transport logistics-”

“What did you say?!” Hank snapped, glaring at Cordy in disbelief just as she made the announcement.
“Are you telling me to wash cars? Did I miss something here?!”

“You missed nothing,” Cordy replied. “You’re the perfect man for the job, while Sid Watson, your deputy,
is more suited to head HR.”

“I’ve worked here for ten years. You can’t relinquish me as you like-”

“As I’ve mentioned before, you may speak to me or the CEO in private on this matter. We won’t argue
about it in this meeting.” Cordy cut him short, her attitude staunch as she continued. Please don’t
cause further delay to this meeting.”

Nonetheless, Hank sprang from his chair furiously, showing Cordy zero respect as he kicked the door
and left.

Cordy took no notice, and merely proceeded to announce the rest of the shuffled personnel.

Still, there was no unrest since there were just two heads of departments being shuffled.

And upon closing, Cordy said, “Again, I must mention that anyone may speak to me or the CEO in
private if you have problems with the reshuffle, as we may reinstate you to your original positions.
Naturally, if you’re reluctant to discuss it but are unable to understand the reason for the shuffle. you
have my full support if you would like to leave for better work opportunities. I would never interfere with
anyone’s plans for progress.”

Turning to Sid, she added, “Please pass this message to Hank as well. The meeting is hereby

Then, Cordy rose to her feet, not forgetting to clap Noel on the shoulder as she left. “We’re in for a
challenging time now.”

She did not wait for Noel to respond before leaving, however.

All she needed was for everyone to see the cordial exchange between her and Noel.

And with that, she returned to her office for a moment, before quickly leaving the building-and leaving a
hideous mess for Noel to clean up.

In fact, Noel’s office was congested with angry employees in no time at all.

Everyone was shouting and trying to get a world in, causing a pandemonium that left Noel stopping
short of imploding.

She had no idea why there was a shuffle because Cordy had never mentioned it to her, but everyone
was convinced that it was a mutual decision between her and Cordy!

None of them believed her no matter how she explained, and they refused to speak with Cordy no
matter how she asked.

It took a long while for Noel to leave her office and get to Cordy’s office, only to find Cordy long


That was the moment that both she and her father had fallen for Cordy’s trap!

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