A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 58

Chapter 58

As such, Cordy did not drag her feet and went straight to the point. “Since you’ve been honest, Ms.
York, I shall do the same-you may not be aware that Starstream Group was under my father’s charge
before this, but I’ve recently taken over… So, what I’m saying is that while the Starstream Fashion
designs were bland before, that won’t be the case now or in the future. Here are the templates for our
designs next season, please take a look.”

Zoe studied Cordy then..

While she did not know much about Cordy, she had heard the rumors about her, and all the drama
revolving around her. She had come to believe that Cordy was reliant on men, since she and Kyle were
an item when she returned to North City.

But Cordy’s words were certainly enough to change Zoe’s opinion of her-she was competent, direct,
and knew how to stand her ground.

In the end, the rumors were just… rumors.

Zoe took the tablet that Cordy held out to her then, her eyes immediately lighting up when she saw the

Having agreed to have dinner with Cordy, she had looked through Starstream Fashion’s online
catalogs in her trailer out of boredom. Naturally, nothing in there caught her eye, but she also knew that
she could not refuse this endorsement deal-not with her own brother poised to push her into it.

And yet, her opinion of Starstream Fashion took a 180-degree turn when she saw the new designs.

As such, Cordy’s line just now- ‘that won’t be the case now or in the future’, was certainly no

“It’s good,” she nodded in acknowledgement.

Cordy quickly pressed her advantage. “Since our products appeal to you and you’re willing to endorse
us, we can discuss your fee.”

“How much can you pay me for my endorsement?” Zoe asked.

“To my knowledge, your standard endorsement rate is priced at 3 million dollars, sharp,” Cordy said,
holding Zoe’s gaze. “We are willing to pay you the said amount.”

“You can have a rebate,” Zoe said bluntly.

Cordy was stunned.

“I’m worried I’d break a leg-literally,” Zoe joked.

Cordy was even more stunned.

“Anyway, you can just pay me half that, or my management company would protest.1.5 million- pay me
that much and I’m a brand ambassador for Starstream Fashion,” Zoe said, before adding, ”

In other words, Zoe was saying that she would not endorse other brands while endorsing


Cordy was as delighted as she was uneasy.

Zoe was clearly doing her an immense favor-far more than what she had expected.

She thought the best she could do was a quick refusal from Zoe, since she had attended Alan Levine’s
birthday banquet as well.

Zoe must have seen John defending her, and that alone should have soured negotiations!

“You can meet my manager Linda tomorrow with your contract. I’ll give you a head’s up.”

“Thank you, Ms. York. Here’s to a rewarding partnership for both of us,” Cordy said, offering a

Zoe took it, and said warmly, “We’ll be friends from now on. Just call me Zoe.”

“Zoe,” Cordy quickly said. “And you can call me Cordy too.”

Zoe nodded, then asked, “Do you drink?”

“Of course.”

“But can you hold your liquor?”

“More or less.”

“Well, it’s a rare occasion, so let’s get drunk before we get home,” Zoe proposed.

“Don’t you have another shooting tomorrow?” Quinn reminded her.

“That’s in the afternoon. I have nothing to do in the morning,” Zoe scoffed a little unhappily. “I called you
out here to drink, y’know?”

Quinn knew Zoe too well-no one in the room was going home sober.

With that, they started to drink themselves silly.

At first, Cordy showed restraint since she did not know the other two ladies that well, but after several
glasses and Zoe being exceedingly easy-going unlike her onscreen persona, things were soon cheerful

and lively.

Friendship between ladies was certainly easy to build, especially around liquor.

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