A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 54

Chapter 54

After all, if that certain someone made a call, Cordy would have Zoe’s endorsement without the need of
a referral.

“From where I’m standing, you’re the best person for the job, Mr. Parker,” Cordy said with


Jay naturally did not turn her down. “I’ll check her schedule and text you later.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.

On the other end, Jay was sitting before a video camera, taking a break in between shooting


Turning to his assistant, he said, “Bring me Zoe York’s schedule for the next week or so.”

“Yes, Mr. Parker.”

Soon, Jay had it in his hands. However, after taking a close look, he got up and headed to a corner to
make a call.

“Johnny,” he said once the other person picked up.


“Cordy Sachs just called me.” Jay went straight to the point.

Silence ensued from the other end, and Jay smiled faintly. “She’s asking me to help her arrange a
meeting with Zoe, to discuss the prospect of an endorsement.”

“Is that so?”

“I said yes. If there are no surprises, they can meet this evening.”

Their filming schedule was still relaxed since shooting had just started.

“You’re quite close with her.” John’s cool voice was clearly being breathed through his teeth.

“No, we’re just strangers meeting by chance,” Jay said with a chuckle. “Anyway, I was just giving you a
head’s up. I’m going back to work now.”

John abruptly hung on him, and Jay chuckled again.

The man was predictably petty.

Jay then slipped his phone back into his pocket and turned to find Zoe.

She saw the smile on his face, but she remained impassive as she strode past him.

“Zoe,” Jay called out to her, and she paused.

“You only have two scenes in the afternoon, so you can leave work before 4 PM.”

“And…?” Zoe asked flatly.

“I have a friend who wants to talk to you about an endorsement. You can have dinner with her if you’re

“I’m dining with Quinn.” Zoe refused him right away. “Just talk to my manager if you want an
endorsement. You have her number, don’t you? Or do I need to give it to you?”

“It’s your brother’s friend, Cordy Sachs,” Jay said bluntly.

At Alan Levine’s birthday banquet, she had been hiding in a corner while her maternal grandfather,
parents, and brother met and greeted their guests. Naturally, she also noticed the drama involving her
brother and Cordy.

Although her brother had been abroad for years, she knew about his personal life like the back of her
hand. He never had any women, aside from a certain woman… But since they never got together after
so long, it was unlikely for them to do so now.

And yet, Cordy somehow got him to break his streak of celibacy?!


Zoe could at least admit to herself that she was just a little interested in Cordy.

“I’ll arrange the time and place if there’s no issue,” Jay continued.

“Are you coming with me?” Zoe asked. “To the dinner, I mean.”

Jay held her gaze and quietly said, “I can stay out.”

“Then tell me after you make the arrangements.”


As Jay watched her leave, his gaze darkened.

He texted Cordy the details, arranging the time and place.

Cordy was rather surprised by his efficiency. He had helped her settle the matter so quickly! Still, she
had a feeling that he was dependable ever since that time he sent her to the hospital. After thanking
him, Cordy sent another text: [Would it be alright if I visit?]

She wanted to show more sincerity as a prospective partner.

[Sure. Zoe’s scenes would be done by 4 PM.]

Jay sent her the location as well.

Cordy checked the time and called Vince. “Order a batch of expensive confectionery from Pheasant
Court and have them delivered to the address I sent you by three. They are filming Pomp and

Circumstance over there right now, and just say that it’s Zoe York’s treat.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.”

“Also, you’re going there with me at two.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Once he hung up, Cordy returned to work, so that she would have everything done before leaving.

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