A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 44

Chapter 548 Harry Hogan from Mad Gang

“You gave him the Sword Talisman?”

Just when Steven was at a loss, Faith suddenly glanced at him and spoke indifferently.

Steven’s expression froze, and he said in embarrassment, “Honey, how do you know…”

“We have been married for so many years. I know what you are thinking”

“Ha-ha!” Steven laughed fatuously. Seeing that Faith was not angry, although her expression was cold,
he asked in surprise. “Honey, you aren’t mad at me?”

“Why should I be mad at you?”

Faith glanced at him and said, “Although John had no future in martial arts, he has his consciousness.
Giving him the Sword Talisman is our compensation.”

When John was talking to Kate last night, Faith listened with her ears pricked up the whole time. She
thought that John said those words to comfort Kate.

This was exactly what Faith wanted. She felt that John was quite sensible. Knowing that he was a
burden, he took the initiative to leave the Moore’s house,

“I knew you are sharp-tongued but tender-hearted, and I have already explained it to John.”

“It’s unnecessary!” Faith rolled her eyes and said. “I’m not tender-hearted. If John didn’t make the right
choice, I would continue to turn against him.”

“Of course”

Steven was very compliant with Faith. He hesitated and said, “Honey, I always feel that John is not
simple. He should not be a mediocre person.”

He spoke out the strange illusion he had just had when he saw John off.

Faith slightly raised her volume and said, “You mean I was wrong?”

“How dare I? Honey, you are always right.”

Steven hastily flattered her, and cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

Life was hard for Steven, a hen-pecked husband.

Faith suddenly fell silent.

In fact, she had ever had such an illusion.

She had such an illusion more than once. Every time Faith talked with John, his calmness made her
feel that he was not simple.

Faith thought John had a very peaceful attitude.

If it was any other cultivator who encountered a situation where his Gold Core was broken, he would

lost himself in sorrow and been unable to get out.

But John was different

John had a calm expression all the time.

Faith once thought that he pretended to be calm, but when thinking about it from another angle, she
thought it was admirable because few people could perfectly cover up the sadness in their hearts when
they were speaking.

However, it was true that John’s Gold Core was broken, and John didn’t get a good grade in the
potential test. So, Faith could only postpone Kate and John’s wedding indefinitely.

“If John becomes a useless person, Kate will naturally forget about him after a long time. If John can
rise again, I look forward to him coming back to slap me in the face. I don’t mind if he slaps me in the

After being silent for a long time, Faith suddenly spoke.

After a few days.

In Sword Emperor Mountain.

A young man wearing a mask came to the foot of the mountain. He handed over the Sword Talisman to
the administrator of Sword Emperor Mountain.

The administrator in charge of registration information asked routinely, “Name and sect.”

Generally, cultivators in the Alps Mountain joined a sect. Even if some cultivators didn’t belong to any
sects, it was nothing big. They just needed to tell the administrator their basic information. As long as
they held the Sword Talisman, no matter what their status was, they could enter Sword Emperor

The masked youth thought for a while and replied, “Harry Hogan from Mad Gang.”

Mad Gang?

The registration staff was taken aback. He wondered when such a force appeared in the Alps

However, the registration staff didn’t bother to ask in detail. Anyway, the superiors said that cultivators
not belonging to the three major sword sects could enter Sword Emperor Mountain by using the Sword

The registration staff didn’t care what force those cultivators came from or if the force was real.

After identifying the authenticity of the Sword Talisman, the registration staff waved his hand and said,


The masked youth nodded. After crossing the artificially opened ramp, he came to the foot of Sword
Emperor Mountain. Looking up, he saw a wide and long mountain ladder facing straight up. It was wide
enough for twenty or thirty people to stand on the same level of the mountain ladder at the same time.

He saw many people gathering at the mountainside. Some of them continued to climb up. Some were
sitting cross-legged on the spot and probably grasping the sword spirit.

They were basically the disciples of the three major sword sects, and they came in with the sect identity
card. There was no limit on the number of times, they could come here every day to grasp the sword

Sword Emperor Mountain was the place for the disciples of the three major sword sects to practice.

Cultivators who were climbing consciously kept a certain distance from those who were sitting cross-
legged. This was the rule of Sword Emperor Mountain. No malicious interference was allowed.

“There are so many cultivators gathered together, but they can live in harmony. Sword Emperor
Mountain is really a piece of work.”

The masked youth was John.

After a few days, he successfully cultivated the “transformation technique” he got from the Moore

Then, he changed his body shape, and the ten masks he made outside finally came in handy.

Today, he came to Sword Emperor Mountain as Harry Hogan from Mad Gang.

Without staying at the foot of the mountain for a long time, John naturally stepped on those mountain
ladders. The first third of the journey was not strenuous for him. And he didn’t feel any vital breath of
sword spirit.

After passing a third of the mountain ladder, John’s mind trembled slightly.

There was the sword spirit floating around, but it was very weak. John was obviously not satisfied with
this, so he continued to climb up. When he came to the mountainside, he finally understood why so
many people gathered here.

Sword spirit at this position was neither strong nor weak. It was just right for cultivators to grasp
something. Those cultivators in Foundation Establishment Stage would feel pressured when they
wanted to continue to climb up.

John learned that even if the rule of Sword Emperor Mountain didn’t exist, no one would dare to
interfere with others easily. Once there was malicious interference, there would definitely be conflicts.
Then, both of the cultivators would be shaken down the mountain by the sword spirit here.

John decided to continue!

His goal was obviously not the mountainside. He quickly crossed this densely populated area and
continued to go up.

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