A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Kyle almost lost his temper from Cordy’s contempt.

“Cordy Sachs…!”

“There’s many people watching right now,” Cordy warned him nonchalantly. “Do what

you think you haven’t been humiliated enough, that is.”

“You…!” Kyle growled through his teeth.

you will-if

However, he could not resist looking around just then, and he found some of them whispering while
gesturing at him.

Having no dignity left to speak of, he stormed out of the banquet hall.

Cordy watched as he left, her smirk turning icy.

She turned to glance at John, who was being encircled and fawned over constantly, and decided to
leave as well.

She only answered John’s invitation to witness an important moment in his life, while meeting up with

And since she had done all that, she had no reason to stay. If anything, she did not like socializing
unless it was absolutely necessary!

“Ms. Sachs.” Randy Martin suddenly appeared before her, stopping her. “My name is Randy Martin -I’m
Mr. Levine’s personal assistant. His message for you is to stay and wait for him.”

Cordy frowned.

How did he know she was leaving?!

He was right there-being mobbed and would never have been able to split his attention!

“I’ll be going now, too. Do enjoy the party, Ms. Sachs.”

Randy quickly left after those words-he was worried that she would refuse to stay, since she clearly
looked like she did not want to wait.

Still, Cordy stayed.

Then, she noticed Richard happily running toward her. “Mommy! I knew you wouldn’t leave. You want
to hang out with me, right?”

…Yeah,” Cordy said, feeling guilty since she otherwise would have been gone.

“Daddy said you don’t like being here, so we can go to the backyard,” Richard suggested eagerly.”
There are swings there. Can we go play together?”


As Cordy took Richard by the hand and headed there, they did not even walk two paces when a waiter
suddenly tripped over something in front of her. His tray of wine and champagne glasses all started
crashing toward them.

Cordy reacted quickly, pulling Richard out of harm’s way while she ducked to a corner.

Even so, some of the wine still sprinkled over her gown.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” The waiter turned pale right then, while Cordy looked

Seeing Mandy and Noel standing so close to the waiter, it went without saying who the real culprits

Mandy even scoffed loudly. “Oh, my… A million-dollar gown, ruined just like that! What a shame!”

The waiter’s face turned paler at the mention of the million-dollar gown, and he was left petrified even
as Mandy continued, “By the way, you’re not going to harass a little waiter, are you? I mean, you knew
this could happen when you wear a dress that white, no?”

Mandy certainly could not bear seeing Cordy strutting while she suffered endless humiliation.

To make things worse, Cordy had somehow hooked up with John after breaking up with her brother,
and her brother was thoroughly humiliated too!

She would not rest unless she put Cordy to shame!

Cordy, however, was smiling and speaking calmly. “You bought this dress, so I won’t harass him if you
say so. And since it’s dirty, I’ll just have to throw it away when I get home.”

Mandy’s face fell-Cordy had to mention that bet!

“Like you said, it’s dirty now, so I don’t think you’d stay at such an important event-you’d be
disrespecting the host.”

In other words, she was telling Cordy to leave!

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