A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Cordy did not humiliate Noel with their relatives watching.

Still, she made sure to sit on the very edge of the couch, looking just like an outsider.

That was when Molly Sachs asked her pointedly. “Cordy? You didn’t bring your grandmother a present,

Molly was Simon Sachs’ younger sister, and her family worked for Simon when he ruled Starstream.
She was very close to Sue Yorkman as well, and was instrumental in Sue’s success in seducing Simon
back then.

Cordy was laughing inwardly, as she suddenly remembered that Mandy Jessop was also instrumental
in Noel’s success in seducing Kyle Jessop

The girl really took after her mother!

“Who would want anything from her?” Plum scoffed with a look of pure disdain. “Just look at her. She
literally screams poverty-she’d never afford anything!”

“Don’t say that, Granny. She just inherited Starstream Group, and the company has been developing in
recent years. Also, I ran into her at Davis’ Kitchen. Any dining session there would cost at least four
figures, and I wouldn’t have gone if Molly did not insist on buying me dinner…”

Noel only stopped after blabbing all that, as if realizing she had misspoken.

“You really know how to enjoy yourself, don’t you?!” Plum snorted.

At the same time, Molly suddenly looked like a proper elder “That’s really terrible of you, Cordy. You’d
rather dine like a king than buy your grandmother a present… Honestly, even I can’t take your side now
“Yeah! Do you even have a conscience, Cordy?! It’s only once a year…

“Just look at Noel. She bought a set of clothes for Grandma she personally designed-I mean, how good
it looks on her!”

Everyone in the hall clamored to throw shade at Cordy.

However, while she would bear with it in silence in the past, she was now long past the age of being.
pushed around.

“But if I remember correctly, those clothes are Jessop Corp’s SW-series for the spring season… Last
spring, to be precise.”

Noel’s face turned pale.

But even before she could retort, Cordy added, “To be fair, that seasonal line didn’t really sell well for
old folks, so not many were aware. Hell, back when I was working at Jessop Corp, I remember
thousands of those exact same clothes kept in their warehouse… Wait, did Kyle give these to you?!”

Noel was left glowering.

Exposed by Cordy, she was utterly humiliated.

She just wanted to get it over with, only for Cordy to expose her in such fashion…!

Still, she quickly tried to smooth things over. “That’s not it, Grandma! I just gave these to you because I
know it’d suit you. Moreover, trending doesn’t mean it’s the best, and you have this special air as a
person that sets you apart from the rest. Ask Aunt Molly if you don’t believe me-it looks good on
Grandma, right?

Molly was naturally on Noel’s side, and she quickly echoed, “I’ve been saying since i came that it fits
you, Mom. You always appear noble, and no one else would bring out the breathtaking aspect of those

“Yeah! Noel has such good taste! Aunt Plum looks so good in those clothes.”

I’ve never seen anything that gorgeous either…

However, even though the flock of sycophants began to fawn over Plum without end once more, she
was certainly discontent.

How could she be pleased, when she was given clothes that could not sell?

While she did not show it since she would just be embarrassing herself, she was now decidedly
unhappy with Noel.

Meanwhile, Molly was not about to give up on a chance to embarrass Cordy.

“So? Where’s your present for your Grandma, Cordy? She asked.

Before Cordy could say a word, however, Plum snapped in disdain, “I don’t need it!”

If Noel knowingly gave her such rubbish, she could imagine how worse Cordy’s gift would be.

She would rather not take another slap on her wrinkled face!

Still, Cordy looked at Plum and sighed regrettably. I actually brought you something.”

Plum was unconcerned… until Cordy drew a gift box out of her handbag.

The box itself was unremarkable, but when Cordy opened it, everyone was left awestruck,

A ruby necklace lay within, and anyone could tell instantly that it was worth a fortune

“Isn’t that a noble’s relic that was put on auction?! Molly could not help exclaiming in shock right then. It
was sold for five million dollars, too… How did you get it?!

She was at that auction herself, and she had her eyes on the very same necklace too.

“It’s just a counterfeit, isn’t it?” someone suddenly said.

“Aunt Molly, you know your antiques. Why don’t you verify it?” Cordy asked Molly just then.

Molly certainly did not want to admit that it was real, but lying would only tarnish her reputation if word
of it gets out.

As such, she braced her cheek and said, “It’s real.”

The hall was left in an uproar at her words, with many relatives suddenly getting up close and personal
with Cordy to get a good look.

In fact, even Plum was left captivated by the necklace.

Only Noel was left with a look of utter suspicion. “Where did you get it?”

Why would she have a treasure of such worth? She even heard her own mother and Molly talking
about it countless times!

Cordy raised a brow. “Would you be kicking yourself if I told you that Kyle gave it to me?”

Noel’s pupils dilated-her eyes were red with jealousy.

Kyle actually gave Cordy a treasure of such worth?!

Cordy, however, did not seem to notice Noel’s reaction as she slowly put away the necklace. “Well,

Grandmother since you don’t need it, I won’t force you to take it ”

Plum’s mouth opened just then, but she stopped herself

She had already said loudly and vehemently that she did not want it.

Asking for it would be no different from slapping herself in the face!

While her face contorted with rage, Cordy pretended not to see it and put the box back into her bag,
since she was not giving it anyway.

Even Molly was now tactful enough to shut her mouth,

was nothing short of an absolute disaster Not only did they fail to humiliate Cordy, but she had also
humiliated Noel instead while making Plum watch as indisputable treasure slipped through her fingers!
Fortunately, more of their relatives arrived, and they took to greeting them, once again leaving Cordy

Later, the celebratory feast began.

Simon had a makeshift podium made at the vast backyard of Sachs Mansion for the purpose.

He and Plum were a dynamic duo, a symbol of mother-son affection in front of their relatives.

While everyone was busy, Cordy got up from her seat and made her way backstage.

“Here. It’s a surprise Simon prepared for Plum Lang,” she told the technician in charge. “Play this
before you play the one you were given earlier ”

“Sure,” the technician quickly replied.

Cordy quietly returned to her seat after that, and waited for the drama that was to come.

Simon appeared exhilarated as he stood at the podium, and eventually announced thunderously, “And
now, if everyone would turn to the big screen, here is my birthday blessing for my mother this year.

Everyone was at once focused and curious.

Soon enough, a grainy video began to play on the screen.

While everyone present might not necessarily recognize the female lead, there was no question that
the male lead was Simon himself.

As the entire crowd fell into stunned silence, Simon was still looking smug!

After all, everyone knew that he was the best son in all of North City, having earned that title for the
boundless affection he showered upon his mother after his father’s death.

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